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Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Carta and SDP

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In this Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), CARTA and SDP training the concepts of Zero Trust and Carta are explained and the implementation with a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) and Micro-segmentation clarified.

Our current network design is based on the assumption that inside the datacenter traffic and applications are trusted. Zero Trust offers defence against the “trusted insider” and malware that has infiltrated our network (think of the Solarwinds hack. You can find the concepts of Zero Trust and CARTA in solutions like Software Defined Perimeter and Micro-segmentation. In this Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), CARTA and SDP training you will learn the architecture of SDP and Micro-segmentation, how it works and how to implement it.

This training is also part of the 5-day Masterclass Digital Transformation (GKMDT).
    • Methode: Virtueel leren
    • Datum: 20 september, 2024
    • Locatie: Virtueel-en-klassikaal


    • Methode: Virtueel leren
    • Datum: 20 november, 2024
    • Locatie: Virtueel-en-klassikaal



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  • Anyone who wants to know about the latest trends in IT security


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After completing this course you should be able to:
  • Understand the need for Zero Trust Network Access
  • Identify the challenges with the traditional network design
  • Describe the implications of the changed environment and the cloud
  • Explain the problems with TCP/IP
  • Understand the concept of Named Data Networking
  • Describe the internet threat model
  • Identify the features of Zero Trust Network Access
  • Understand how to implement Zero Trust Network Access
  • Explain the advantages of Zero Trust Network Access
  • Identify Zero Trust solutions as Software Defined Perimeter and Micro-segmentation
  • Understand the concept of CARTA
  • Identify the 7 imperatives of CARTA
  • Explain why you need CARTA
  • Describe UEBA and the relationship with CARTA
  • Identify the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in IT security
  • Explain the features of a SDP solution
  • Understand the architecture of SDP
  • Understand the problems with VPN
  • Describe the features of Single Packet Authorization (SPA)
  • Describe static versus dynamic firewall
  • Explain the importance of Points of Presence (PoP)
  • Understand the advantages of SDP
  • Explain how SDP enables micro-segmentation
  • List the most important vendors of SDP solutions
  • Identify the critical factors when choosing a SDP product

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  • What are the features of Zero Trust Network Access
  • Problems with the current network and security model
  • The changed environment: BYOD, working from home (or anywhere)
  • North-south opposed to east-west traffic
  • How to implement ZTNA
  • The future of the internet: Named Data Networking (NDN)
  • What is CARTA an why do I need it?
  • The features of CARTA: the 7 imperatives of CARTA
  • Relationship CARTA and UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)
  • AI/ML and IT security
  • What is SDP and how does it work?
  • SDP architecture
  • VPN versus SDP
  • Single Packet Authorization
  • Static and dynamic firewalls
  • The advantages of SDP
  • What is micro-segmentation and how does it work
  • Vendors SDP and micro-segmentation


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Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:
  • Basic internet usage skills


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The following courses are recommended for further study.
  • The latest trends in Cloud security: CASB, SD-WAN and SASE Training (GKCSS)
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