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E-Learning: LS300, Red Hat Learning Subscription for Developer (1 year subscription for one person) (RHLS-D)

  • Prijs: eur3.500,00
  • Code training: RHLS-D


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For developers, it is difficult to make time for full-day training courses. Developers need access to answers as problems arise—and on-demand content as schedules allow. Developers need training that is immediately available, prescriptive, and reliable. The industry is evolving rapidly—as are software releases and best practices. As a result, online resources quickly become out of date. Red Hat® Training provides continuously updated content straight from the source to help you keep pace.

Red Hat Learning Subscription Developer was designed with developers in mind. A single, annual subscription delivers access to all Red Hat Training courses for developers, including content on Red Hat OpenShift®, Red Hat Middleware, and containers. Through a dynamic, online learning platform including video classroom courses, e-books, and hands-on labs, developers have access to global, 24x7 training that is delivered on-demand, at their own pace, and in up to nine languages.

Get on-the-job support.

  • Easily searchable content to help quickly answer questions on cloud-native technologies, microservices, and migrating existing applications.
  • Quick lab access to already set-up, hands-on environments with detailed steps.
  • New and updated courses are added to the subscription as they are released.
  • On-demand access, worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Build your skills.

  • No prerequisite level of expertise required, allowing you to build your skills on cloud-native technologies or development, regardless of your level.
  • Track progress toward training and certification goals.
  • Train offline with up to 10 e-book downloads.

Become Red Hat certified.

  • Get certified in up to three Red Hat certifications with three exam attempts.
  • Verify your skills with Red Hat application development through certification.


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