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LS120-100, Red Hat Enterprise Learning Subscription Basic (1 years subscription for 100 persons) (RHELS)

  • Prijs: eur160.000,00
  • Code training: RHELS


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Red Hat® Enterprise Learning Subscription is an exclusive program that provides your organisation with one year's access to all Red Hat Online Learning courses for max 100 employees. Your employees will receive unlimited access to our online learning content, up to 400 hours of hands-on lab time, and more than 300 recorded instructor videos. In addtion, you will receive access to the Video Classroom modules that feature our most popular course titles.

This program allows your employees to take any of these courses in there own time and at there own pace, You will receive:

  • One year's access to all Red Hat Online Learning courses
  • A single sign-on training solution for each student
  • Unlimited access to 30 online courses
  • 400 hours of cloud delivered, hands-on lab time
  • More than 300 recorded instructor videos
  • Video Classroom access
  • Access to new and updated courses as they become available during your year-long access

Red Hat Learning Subscription courses span a variety of different Red Hat technologies, which is why this training subscription is ideal for all levels of IT professionals. This program would most benefit IT professionals such as IT managers, system administrators, software developers, and system architects. Refer to the audience and prerequisites of individual courses to determine if a course is right for you.


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