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E-Learning: Machine Learning - Bundle (GK7742-LP)

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This bundle of 10 on-demand courses provides a 12-month subscription to essential Machine Learning courses. You will explore Machine Learning using Python, R, Scala, Apache Spark, TensorFlow and MATLAB. With video modules and eBooks, these courses give you the chance to hear directly from experts in the field and apply their learning to real-world problems.

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This bundle will benefit:

  • Developers who wish to better understand the uses of Machine Learning
  • Developers who need to evaluate the implications of using Machine Learning in their projects
  • Technologists who need to understand how Machine Learning can be utilized to meet business needs


This Bundle is a 12-month subscription to these ten essential Machine Learning courses:
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Machine Learning with R
  • Hands-on Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning with Scala
  • Machine Learning with Apache Spark
  • Machine Learning with TensorFlow
  • Machine Learning with MATLAB
  • Expert Machine Learning with Python
  • Advanced Machine Learning with R
  • Fundamentals of Statistics and Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners



GK7727-LP - Machine Learning with Python

  • Get introduced to machine learning and deep learning algorithms from scratch
  • Learn how to apply them to practical industry challenges using realistic and interesting examples
  • Find a new balance of classical ideas and modern insights into machine learning
  • Get essential coverage of the Keras neural network library, along with the most recent updates to scikit-learn
  • Gather a broad picture of the machine learning ecosystem and learn the best practices for applying machine learning techniques

GK7728-LP - Machine Learning with R

  • Get introduced to the world of Machine Learning and understand how R fits into the picture
  • Learn R data structures that you can use to manage and understand data
  • Understand the various regression and classification techniques
  • Learn to work with various algorithms to get the job done
  • Evaluate the performance of your models and tweak them to perfection

GK7729-LP - Hands-on Machine Learning

  • Anomaly Detection with K-means Clustering
  • Finding Patterns in Time Series Data
  • Finding Anomalies in Data Using Graphs
  • Machine Learning tools, Libraries, and frameworks
  • Clustering based learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Modern data architectures for Machine learning

GK7731-LP - Machine Learning with Scala

  • Introduction to Scala
  • Exploratory data analysis with Scala
  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Neural networks
  • Other Scala frameworks for machine learning

GK7732-LP - Machine Learning with Apache Spark

  • Getting Up and Running with Spark
  • Math for Machine Learning
  • Designing a Machine Learning System
  • Obtaining, Processing, and Preparing Data with Spark
  • Building a Recommendation Engine with Spark
  • Building a Classification Model with Spark
  • Building a Regression Model with Spark
  • Building a Clustering Model with Spark
  • Dimensionality Reduction with Spark
  • Advanced Text Processing with Spark
  • Real-time Machine Learning with Spark Streaming
  • Pipeline APIs for Spark ML

GK7733-LP - Machine Learning with TensorFlow

  • Getting Started with TensorFlow
  • Your First Classifier
  • Your First Classifier
  • Cats and Dogs - Working with Images
  • Parlez-vous Francais? – Translate Text
  • Finding Meaning - Sentiment Analysis
  • Making Money from Machine Learning
  • The Doctor Will See You Now
  • Cruise Control: Automation
  • Go Live and Go Big
  • Migrating from Existing Platforms
  • Going Further: 21 Problems
  • Appendix A: Advanced Installation

GK7734-LP - Machine Learning with MATLAB

  • Importing and organizing data in MATLAB
  • Analysing data to extract useful information
  • Identifying relationships between variables
  • Pattern Recognition and Classification
  • Identifying groups of data using clustering
  • Artificial Neural Nets
  • Improving performance of neural nets

GK7735-LP - Expert Machine Learning with Python

  • Build an app to estimate the airfare and creating custom news feeds
  • Build a forecast app for stock markets
  • Building an AI enabled chatbot
  • Dive into supervised and unsupervised learning, probilistic models, ensemble learning and more

GK7736-LP - Advanced Machine Learning with R

  • Gain deep insights into the application of machine learning tools in the industry
  • Manipulate data in R efficiently to prepare it for analysis
  • Master the skill of recognizing techniques for effective visualization of data
  • Understand why and how to create test and training data sets for analysis
  • Black Box Methods - Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines
  • Finding Patterns - Market Basket Analysis Using Association Rules
  • Finding Groups of Data - Clustering with K-means
  • Tuning Grids
  • Iterating – Improving our Tuning
  • Multi-layer Perceptron
  • One Hot Encoding and MLP
  • Saving Your Model for Another Language
  • Wrapping Your Model in Shiny
  • Keras – deep learning on the GPU
  • Deploying your model

GK7737-LP - Fundamentals of Statistics and Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

  • Statistical terminology and machine learning
  • Linear regression
  • Logistic regression vs Random Forest
  • Introduction
  • The learning process
  • Clustering
  • Linear and Logistic Regression
  • Neural Networks
  • CNN
  • RNN
  • Recent models and developments

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