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E-Learning: Artificial Intelligence - Bundle (GK7741-LP)

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  • Code training: GK7741-LP
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This bundle of 6 on-demand courses provides a 12-month subscription to essential Artificial Intelligence courses. You will explore Artificial Intelligence using Python, R, TensorFlow and Java. With video modules and eBooks, these courses give you the chance to hear directly from experts in the field and apply their learning to real-world problems.

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This course bundle will benefit:

  • Developers who wish to better understand the uses of Artificial Intelligence in software creation
  • Developers who need to evaluate the implications of using Artificial Intelligence to create new products
  • Technologists who need to understand how Artificial Intelligence can be utilized to meet business needs


The Artificial Intelligence Bundle is a 12-month subscription to these six essential data science courses:
  • Introduction to Deep Learning with Python
  • Introduction to Deep Learning with R
  • Introduction to Deep Learning with TensorFlow
  • Deep Learning with Java
  • Neural Network Programming with TensorFlow
  • Hands-on TensorFlow for Machine Learning and Deep Learning



GK7721-LP - Introduction to Deep Learning with Python

  • Deep Learning fundamentals
  • Introduction to Neural Networks
  • Setting up the deep learning environment
  • Building recommender systems
  • Applying deep learning for image processing, games, and speech recognition
  • Building a production ready scalable distributed system
  • Advanced deep learning techniques

GK7722-LP - Introduction to Deep Learning with R

  • Getting started with deep learning
  • Training a Prediction Model
  • Identifying Anomalous Data
  • Training Deep Prediction Models
  • Tuning and Optimizing Models
  • Applications of Deep Learning

GK7723-LP - Introduction to Deep Learning with TensorFlow

  • Introduction to Deep Neural Networks
  • First Look at TensorFlow
  • TensorFlow on a Convolutional Neural Network
  • Implementing a Restricted Boltzmann Machine with TensorFlow
  • Optimizing TensorFlow using an Autoencoder
  • Sentiment analysis with TensorFlow and LSTMs

GK7724-LP - Deep Learning with Java

  • Deep Learning Overview
  • Preparing for deep Learning
  • Deep Learning Libraries
  • Implementing neural networks
  • Practical Applications of deep Learning
  • Fine-tuning your deep learning model

GK7725-LP - Neural Network Programming with TensorFlow

  • Learn the foundational points of neural networks
  • Understand the various types of networks like RNNs, CNNs, DBNs, GANs, etc
  • Learn how to optimise your neural networks
  • Apply your learning with one of the most popular DL frameworks, TensorFlow

GK7726-LP - Hands-on Tensorflow for Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Get started with TensorFlow
  • With the efficiency and simplicity of TensorFlow, process your data and gain insights that will change how you look at data
  • Understand complex algorithms for deep learning and various examples that use these deep neural networks
  • Gain knowledge on topics such as logistic regression, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, training deep networks, and high level interfaces
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