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E-Learning: Frontend Web Development - Bundle (GK7738-LP)

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  • Code training: GK7738-LP
  • Dagen toegang: 365 dagen


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This bundle of 9 on-demand courses provides a 12-month subscription to essential Frontend Web Development courses. You will explore web development using Angular, Vue.js, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery. With video modules and eBooks, these courses give you the chance to hear directly from experts in the field and apply their learning to real-world problems.



The Frontend Web Development Bundle is a 12-month subscription to these nine essential web development courses:

  • GK7628-LP, Full Stack Web Development with React
  • GK7629-LP, Responsive Front End Web Development
  • GK7630-LP, Front End Web Development with Angular
  • GK7631-LP, Full-Stack Web Development with Angular
  • GK7632-LP, Front End Web Development with Vue.js
  • GK7648-LP, Hands-On Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap
  • GK7649-LP, Master JavaScript for Web Development
  • GK7651-LP, Advanced Web Scripting with jQuery
  • GK7662-LP, UI Development with jQuery




GK7628-LP     Full-Stack Web Development with React

  • Setting Up Node.js, Npm, and React.js
  • Starting Up an Express.js Server
  • Installing Mongodb and Creating a Mongo Database
  • Falcor.js - Start Using Falcor.browser.js on the Client-side
  • Use Docker & Deploy Your Application on Amazon Aws
  • Connecting the Dots

GK7629-LP     Responsive Front End Web Development

  • The Essentials of Responsive Web Design
  • Media Queries – Supporting Differing Viewports
  • Fluid Layouts and Responsive Images
  • Html5 for Responsive Web Designs
  • Css3 – Selectors, Typography, Color Modes, and New Features
  • Stunning Aesthetics With Css3
  • Using Svgs for Resolution Independence
  • Transitions, Transformations, and Animations
  • Conquer Forms With Html5 and Css3
  • Approaching a Responsive Web Design

GK7630-LP     Front End Web Development with Angular

  • Working with Bootstrap Components-
  • Advanced Bootstrap Components and Customization
  • Routing
  • Working with Forms
  • Advanced Angular Components
  • ng2-bootstrap
  • Create complex forms, taking full advantage of 2-way data binding
  • Test your Angular applications using the Jasmine and Protractor frameworks for better efficiency

GK7631-LP     Full-Stack Web Development with Angular

  • How to Create an App in Angular 2
  • Creating an Angular 2 Components
  • Creating an Angular 2 Service How to Create a Spring 5 App
  • Spring Web Reactive
  • Spring Web MVC Angular 2 Single-Page Application in Spring 5

GK7632-LP     Front End Web Development with Vue.js

  • Combining the power of Vue with Bootstrap
  • Using Vue's directives along with Bootstrap's grids
  • Storing and retreiving data with Firebase and Vuex
  • Adding authentication using the Firebase auth API
  • Adding Menus and routing functionality using nuxt.js and vue-router
  • TEsting and deploying your application

GK7648-LP     Hands-On Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap

  • Installing and getting started with Bootstrap
  • Using grids for awesome layouts
  • Using Media Objects, Text, Images, etc
  • Bootstrap components and Sass mixins
  • Extending Bootstrap and creating plugins
  • Create a blog with Bootstrap and Jekyll
  • Using Bootstrap with ASP.NET Core

GK7649-LP     Master JavaScript for Web Development

  • Brush up your skills in JavaScript
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of Functions, Closures, Modules
  • Work with Data Structures in JavaScript
  • Dive deep into Objects and OOP
  • TEst and Debug your applications
  • Enhance the performance of your JS code

GK7651-LP     Advanced Web Scripting with jQuery

  • Look at some of the more advanced ways to incorporate the library into your pages
  • Work with forms and advanced form validation using regular expressions
  • Animate in jQuery
  • Perform advanced event handling
  • Using jQuery effects
  • Use external functionality such as node-webkit
  • Optimize your version of the library for maximum efficiency

GK7662-LP     UI Development with jQuery

  • Setting up the jQuery UI
  • Creating Layouts
  • Adding functionality to your design
  • Creating folder structures and adding event handlers
  • Creating Event Timelines using Sliders
  • Using jQuery UI with Google Maps API
  • Creating widgets using the widget factory
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