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Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand, Part of Microsoft Total Access

You are an independent thinker. Your time is important. That’s precisely why you need options and flexibility. With Microsoft Total Access from Global Knowledge, that’s exactly what you get. Dive into a module now, a module—or several—later. The choice is yours.

Introducing Microsoft Total Access from Global Knowledge

With MOC On-Demand, part of Microsoft Total Access, customers can build deep technical skills on a range of Microsoft technologies when they choose, where they choose. It's modular self-directed structure lets learners complete training in an order of their choosing; allowing them the freedom to focus on the on what they don’t know, or on what they need to know right now.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft Total Access

HD Videos
Four types of videos designed by a team of experts help ensure that you absorb everything you need to learn in order to succeed.

Hands-On Labs
Enhanced hands-on labs mean you get your hands in real scenarios, solve problems and learn by doing. No more watching, reading and then hoping you remember. Plus, our snapshot save feature enables you to start and stop as needed.

Experts are at your disposal 24/7. No more scouring the Internet for what might be an answer. When you have a question, expect instant and informed feedback.

These courses are stamped with Microsoft’s approval, so you can trust that this official content is worthy of your time. These courses don’t just scrape the surface with supplemental material. They are full training courses.

Confirm that your new skills are sticking with Knowledge Checks planted throughout each course. If you aren’t grasping a topic, you’ll know. Then you can take the time to nail it before moving on.

You’ll automatically gain access to updates for Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand as soon as they become available.

Microsoft Total Access Collection

With the Microsoft Total Access collection from Global Knowledge, one purchase gets you 12 months of access to our ever-expanding collection of Microsoft-approved content and support.

Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand

Craving the latest enterprise-grade skills without budget and travel constraints? Introducing Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand, part of Microsoft Total Access from Global Knowledge. Get extreme flexibility with three months of access to the course you choose.