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IT Support: Troubleshooting Windows - MooC

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  • Kurskod: CLD258X-LP

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This course is part of the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in IT Support.

This course is designed to teach basic troubleshooting skills for Windows 10. In this course we discuss common issues that arise and tools to help you resolve them.  Some of the skills covered in this course include:

- Troubleshooting Windows installation problems.

- Troubleshooting Windows web browser problems.

- Troubleshooting application installation issues.

- Troubleshooting Windows Authentication problems.

- Use of Windows reliability tools.


  • Troubleshooting Windows Installation
  • Using Windows troubleshooting and monitoring Tools
  • Troubleshooting web browser settings
  • Troubleshooting application installation issues
  • Troubleshooting Windows authentication
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