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GK Digital Learning

Experience online learning that blends the best of e-learning and instructor-led training

A new category of online learning has emerged. The classroom has long been the go-to environment for developing deep skills, while online videos have provided a high-level overview and awareness. But there are times when neither is the best solution. After all, independent, born-on-the-web professionals need more than self-paced instructional videos or voice-over PowerPoint presentations. Trailblazing, entrepreneurial technologists thrive when they have on-demand access to authorized content, reinforcement exercises and labs, and connections with subject matter experts.

GK Digital Learning brings all of these elements together in a feature-rich environment, providing access to industry-validated content and a variety of reinforcement resources that ensure your success, whether you need a single course or access to a topical collection of courses.

Application Development Training On-Demand

Maintaining the right skills is critical. That is precisely why you need options and flexibility. With Global Knowledge On-Demand, that is exactly what you get: the opportunity to dive into flexible content when you need it, consuming a full course or a single module at a time whichever you choose.

Hoeveel weet jij van Security?

Security trainingen bij Global Knowledge.

Brain Dat cybersecurity belangrijk is voor iedere organisatie is wel duidelijk. Maar is iedereen binnen de organisatie zich wel bewust van de gevaren? Deze maand hebben we extra aandacht voor onze brede Security Portfolio. Zo kan je hier blogs, artikelen en nieuws vinden over Security binnen de IT. Ook kan je onze Whitepaper downloaden.

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