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C# Developer Bundles

Countless companies of all sizes rely on Microsoft solutions, especially .NET technologies, to handle mission critical operations of their business. While off the shelf software typically satisfies the majority of cases, there will always be a demand for custom software solutions to handle the unique concerns a given business may face. With these courses, developers will gain the foundational knowledge they need to harness the power of the .NET framework to provide robust business solutions. After taking these courses, they will be able to dive into more specific topics with .NET such as Web Development, SharePoint, Mobile Development and even the Cloud.

This C# bundle will help developers or your development team who want to:

  • Learn how to build desktop software that can run on their corporate machines.
  • Be able to tap into their company databases to give the organisations workforce insight into the data captured.
  • Learn Entity Framework which can be used for data access.
  • Have a desire to learn the foundations of C# programming to enable them to build applications for web, mobile and desktop.
  • Understand pointers so that they can write performant code and avoid common bugs.

Get 12 months access to our C and C++ Developer Bundle for just £795 (+VAT)

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What's included:

Course Name Experience Level Number of Hours
GK5222 - Getting Started with C# Beginner 9.25
GK5235 - LINQ in the C# Programming Language Beginner 8.5
GK5227 - Object Oriented Programming with C# Beginner
GK5257 - Getting Started with Entity Framework Intermediate 11
GK5280 - Consuming Services in .NET by Example Intermediate 2.5
GK5295 - Asynchronnous Programming in C# Advanced
GK5231 - Advanced Topics in C#