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Risk Management and Security Practices with Red Hat

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 14 October, 2021


10:00 BST

11:00 Central European Time and Egypt Standard Time


Managing security in your computing environments is a collection of continuous activities. Red Hat offers solutions that enable security in each phase of the continuous security life cycle.

In this webinar we'll learn about Red Hat's approaches in Risk Management and security practices. We'll also have examples of security features securing RHEL environments including PAM, Audit, SELinux and OpenSCAP.

Finally, we'll have an overview on the different ways automating security policies implementation using Ansible, Satellite and Insights.


In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Managing Security and Risk
  • Controlling Authentication with PAM
  • Recording System Events with Audit
  • Mitigating Risk with SELinux
  • Managing Compliance with OpenSCAP
  • Automating Compliance with Ansible, Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Insights
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Mohamed Zaher

Mohamed Zaher has been working as a technical IT instructor since early 2006. His training career involved network infrastructure, data center infrastructure, virtualization and collaboration technologies.

He is a Red Hat Certified Engineer and Red Hat Certified Instructor, currently working as a full time Training Solution Architect in Red Hat EMEA. Mohamed Zaher carries with him over 15 years of Technical IT Training experience.