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GK On-Demand

Benefits of the GK On-Demand Platform:

The expert by your side

Watch with confidence knowing all lessons have been created by Microsof MVPs and industry experts. Task-based, to-the-point video lessons help deliver knowledge fast and refresh that knowledge instantly.

Dynamic Courses keep you up to date!

Keep pace with Microsoft’s update cadence by pairing content additions with Microsoft’s Solution and Feature Roadmap. In addition to Microsoft Roadmap pairing, courses are reviewed monthly,bi-monthly, and bi-annually for new and replacement lessons.

Test and improve your skills to save time and money!

Quizzes and Exams improve retention, identify areas of need, and earn students a Certificate of Achievement. Improving your team's skills means boosted productivity, lower support costs, and ensuring max return for your software investments.

Course Library

Empowering end-users with an inviting, friendly, and intuitive design! Unlike typical platforms that bore, overwhelm, and stifle learning, the Learning Platform is a modern launching pad for all skill levels. Training is easy to find and easier to consume. Get ready to jump-start your team's productivity!

My Training Dashboard

Learners have tools to guide their success. On the My Training Dash users get a clear picture of the benefits they've gained already and are guided to continue their progress. Watch as they aim for new achievements and improve their skills.

Administrator Dashboard

Enhanced reporting, simplified controls, and powerful features make the admin functionality a game-changer. Visualize your team’s activity through Return-on-Investment (ROI), Skill Increase, and Time Savings.

Assigned Training

Guide your team's learning experience by creating customized assignments! Develop your own focused learning paths by choosing passing requirements, saving selections and tracking progress to ensure maximum user productivity.

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