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Practice Labs and Assessments: Cisco Learning Labs for MPLS 25-hour 90-day labs (MPLS-LABS)

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Cisco Learning Labs for MPLS is a hassle-free solution for gaining economical and authentic lab experience for the MPLS Exam. With this 11-piece lab curriculum, Cisco IT learners can virtually access and implement routing and Layer 2 core switching lab configurations from the convenience of a PC.


Further Information

An additional 5 hours can be purchased if required.  It will reset the product usage time to 90 days, and it will keep all current, saved lab configurations intact.


Use thes labs to help prepare you for the MPLS Exam



MPLS Fundamentals

  • Establishing the Service Provider IGP Routing Environment

Frame-Mode/Cell-Mode MPLS implementation, Configuration and Troubleshooting

  • Establishing the Core MPLS Environment

MPLS VPN Implementation, Configuration and Troubleshooting

  • Initial MPLS VPN Setup
  • Running EIGRP Between PE and CE Routers
  • Running OSPF Between PE and CE Routers
  • Running BGP Between PE and CE Routers
  • Implementing Basic MPLS TE

Complex MPLS VPNs

  • Overlapping VPNs
  • Merging Service Providers
  • Common Services VPN

Internet Access from a MPLS VPN

  • Establishing Central Site Internet Connectivity with and MPLS VPN


These labs are suitable for someone who has attended the MPLS course.
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