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CSXP - CSX Practitioner Certification

Obtain the unique practical CSX Practitioner Security certification to show you are able to adapt to ever-changing environments

CSXP was named 2016 Top Professional Certification program by the SC Magazine Awards and remains the first and only comprehensive performance certification testing one’s ability to perform globally validated cybersecurity skills spanning five security functions – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover

CSXP requires candidates demonstrate critical cybersecurity skills in a live, virtual environment assessing candidates’ analytical ability to identify and resolve network and host cybersecurity issues by applying foundational cybersecurity knowledge and skills required of an evolving cyber first responder.


There is no specific requirements before taking the exam.

About the CSXP exam

The ISACA CSX Practitioner (CSXP) certification verifies that successful candidates have the knowledge and skills required to identify and remediate vulnerabilities; configure and implement protective technologies; and detect, respond, and recover from incidents. The ISACA CSX Practitioner examination is a performance examination consisting of 30 items aligned to the Exam Content Outline (see topics below). This 4-hour exam contains no multiple-choice questions or simulations and intentionally restricts access to the internet.

  • Business and Security Environment (23%)
  • Operational Security Readiness (23%)
  • Threat Detection and Evaluation (27%)
  • Incident Response and Recovery (27%)

The ISACA CSXP exam can only be purchased online. Prior to purchase, we recommend candidates review hardware and software requirements outlined in Remote Proctoring Requirements. Candidates must perform compatibility checks on the computer being used to take the exam, as directed by PSI.

Recommended Training Course

CSX Practitioner Exam Prep Training – On-Demand Training


CSX Practitioner certification will be valid for a three-year certification cycle that begins on 1 January of the year succeeding certification provided all recertification requirements stated in this CPE policy are met. During this assigned three-year cycle CSX Practitioners will be required to earn CPE hours annually in the first two years of the cycle and retake and pass the exam in the third year of the cycle.

These recertification requirements are described in detail throughout the ISACA CSX Practitioner CPE Policy document.

More Information

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