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Cisco Continuing Education Program

The Cisco Continuing Education Programme is based on three founding principles: Flexibility, Diversity, and Integrity.

Flexibility is achieved by offering existing Cisco certified individuals an alternative option for re-certification, in addition to the already existing option of recertifying by passing the relevant exam(s). 

Diversity is achieved by allowing individuals a wide range of pre-approved items, such as online courses, instructor-led training, authoring of content, and Cisco Live training offerings (collectively called "Continuing Education items"), which can be pursued to earn credits toward re-certification. 

Integrity is achieved by having Cisco authorized content providers, who deliver the content to the individual seeking re-certification, validate the credits submitted by that individual.

The Continuing Education Programme is governed by the Cisco Continuing Education Advisory Board. Candidates who choose to re-certify through the Continuing Education Programme will be required to earn the relevant number of credits as specified in the Cisco re-certification  policy 

Continuing Education credits must be achieved before the certification being renewed expires.

Once candidates have earned the designated number of credits they will be re-certified as per the re-certification policies.

The Continuing Education Programme is offered to existing Cisco certified individuals as a flexible alternative option for re-certification. The programme is intended to encourage candidates to diversify their skill sets in order to make them more valuable to their organisation and the industry while maintaining the integrity of the Cisco brand.

This programme is now available to candidates looking to recertify Associate, Specialist, Professional and Expert-level certifications.

Certification CE Credits Required for Re-Certification
Associate - CCNA 30
Specialist 40
Professional - CCNP 80
Expert - CCIE 120
CCDE 120
Architect N/A

The full Cisco Re-Certification Policy can be found here

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