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Fireside Chat: Expert Advice on Starting a Career in Cybersecurity

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 20 October, 2021


17:00 BST

18:00 Central European Time and Egypt Standard Time


Join This QA Session to Hear from Cybersecurity Expert Brad Puckett on Kickstarting Your Career

Brad has more than 20 years of experience working in the field, having spent the last 11 at Global Knowledge in several cybersecurity roles. Throughout his career, he has worked to provide resources and guidance to IT professionals who are interested in pursuing a cybersecurity career.


During this session, Brad will talk about:

  • How to specialize in cybersecurity
  • Common career challenges
  • Successful habits and traits
  • Training, courses, and certifications
  • Future skills and emerging trends

Target Audience

This session is ideal for IT professionals who are early in their careers and interested in pursuing a job in cybersecurity. The discussion will benefit those who have not specialized in security yet and want more information on how to approach this new career path.

For those senior or advanced security professionals, you’re welcome to join but you likely know a lot of this already.

Why joining the session?

There are thousands of unfilled jobs in cybersecurity, creating a huge challenge for IT leaders and organizations worldwide but an excellent opportunity for ambitious professionals.

According to our research, finding qualified and skilled security professionals proves more difficult than any other skill area. In fact, 80% of North American IT decision-makers experience skills gaps on their team, and most said cybersecurity was their biggest problem area.

Because of the high demand for skilled workers, a career in cybersecurity proves fruitful to those interested in the subject and dedicated to the work. These roles offer excellent job security, high salaries, and rewarding experiences.

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