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Flexible learning, your way, your pace

Struggling to get time out of the office to attend a classroom-based course? 
Constrained by location to attend in-person? 
Want to have access to digital learning or labs to help you learn in the workplace? 

OpenRoute can help!

Many work environments are more complex, diverse and demanding. It is crucial for organisations to develop leaders in every level - from the front lines to the CEO-to support its success.
When a company is global or geographically dispersed, it increases the difficulty of providing consistent, high-quality training. The most common challenges include geographic limitations, increased costs and too often, other urgent tasks or priorities winning out. Learners may not want lengthy training sessions and managers are increasingly reluctant to sanction time away from the workplace for their teams.

We understand all of these challenges. Time is precious and business priorities often dictate when and how you access learning.

OpenRoute delivers easy to access online learning in a way that suits your own pace, place and time, allowing you to plan and devise your own learning journey.

Our OpenRoute series take traditional classroom-based courses and breaks them down into sessions that are delivered during the morning and again in the afternoon over a 6 month period.

If you want to do the course in one week - you can!
If you want to take a couple of months - you can!
If you want to drop back into a session to recap - you can!
If you want to repeat the same session… guess what? You can!

Course Title Delivery Days Dates
Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Boot Camp (CCNAX - Accelerated) - CCNABC Virtual 5





Formalised instructor training and group discussion will focus on the knowledge and discovery, and challenge labs (underpinning the knowledge) are done in your own time and at your own pace - giving you the opportunity to practice and enhance capability in a safe environment.

OpenRoute will give you access to the following for up to 180 days:

  • Virtual drop in / drop out access to the 'combined learning' programme of your choice
  • Class recordings so you can access instructor-led session post event
  • Industry leading lab environments
  • Digital vendor official courseware
  • Instructor-led knowledge sessions
  • Class-based discussion, Q&A and participant engagement

You also have the opportunity to upgrade and add the practice test and exam voucher, so if your goal is certification we have you covered.

If you have difficulty committing to a classroom-based event and do not like the idea of e-learning being your only choice, then OpenRoute is for you!

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