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Tech Talk - Red Hat Ansible

Global Knowledge
  • Date: 11 November, 2019

Learn more about Red Hat Ansible like what it is, what job roles work with it, and more in our Global Knowledge Tech Talk hosted by Brent Brandow and joined by Red Hat experts John Walter and Scott Stewart. John Walter is a solution architect for Red Hat's certification and training team and Scott Stewart is the senior partner manager for Red Hat's training and certification team.

Among the Red Hat Tech Talk questions answered:

  • What is Red Hat Ansible?
  • What type of job roles benefit from using Ansible?
  • What are the benefits of Ansible over Red Hat Puppet?
  • How does Ansible connect to systems in an environment?
  • What is Red Hat Ansible Galaxy?
  • What is Red Hat Ansible Vault?
  • How does Ansible integrate within the rest of the Red Hat portfolio?
  • How about storage?
  • How does Ansible benefit security engineers?
  • How does Ansible benefit network engineers?
  • What does it mean when Red Hat Ansible technology is human-readable?
  • Where can you find Red Hat playbooks?
  • Can you give some use-case examples?
  • Why will Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators benefit from taking Ansible training courses?
  • What Red Hat Ansible training courses does Global Knowledge offer?
  • How does Red Hat make networking easier?
  • Are there pre-req courses I should take before taking the Ansible courses?
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