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Microsoft announces general availability of Azure IoT Edge

Frank van de Laarschot
  • Date: 23 July, 2018
Azure IoT Edge, Microsoft’s cloud-based solution for bringing local intelligence to distributed Internet of Things (IoT) devices is now available via the GitHub open source code repository.

The fully managed Azure IoT Edge service, which was initially introduced just over a year ago, brings cloud intelligence to edge devices through the use of capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and stream analytics, enabling them to act immediately on real-time data.

And making it available through GitHub has continued Microsoft’s commitment to open source support for Azure IoT Edge, providing developers with flexibility and control of their edge solution and allowing them to modify the runtime and debug issues.

There’s also support for Moby, the open-source platform that Docker is built on, thereby extending the concepts of containerisation, isolation and management from the cloud to devices at the edge.

At the same time, Microsoft is expanding its Azure Certified for IoT programme, adding new categories like device management and security to its catalogue. Developers can also find pre-built edge modules available through the Azure Marketplace to accelerate edge solution development.

Another significant addition is broad language support for module SDKs, with Azure IoT Edge supporting more languages than other competing edge offerings, including C#, C, Node.js, Python and Java.

All of these new features are in addition to the range of capabilities unveiled at the recent Build developer conference, which included integration with Microsoft AI services and support for Kubernetes container orchestration.
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Frank van de Laarschot

Business Development Manager

Frank van de Laarschot is a Business Development Manager in Global Knowledge Netherlands. He is a responsible for the Microsoft Training activity at Global Knowledge in the Netherlands and Belgium. He works closely together with Microsoft to create training initiatives, marketing initiatives and events for existing and new technologies.