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This learning path covers jQuery including a general overview of the jQuery environment, and how to use jQuery features and functions.

GK# 7324

Course Overview


This course provides a general overview of the jQuery environment, and how to use jQuery features and functions.


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What You'll Learn

  • Basic Setup and Features
  • Using Essential Features and Functions
  • Advanced Features and Functions


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On-Demand Outline

jQuery: Basic Setup and Features

  • Recognize how to install and implement jQuery
  • Recognize jQuery styles
  • Use algorithms
  • Modify styles
  • Recognize jQuery themes
  • Load content from another page
  • Use the find function in jQuery
  • Filter query results
  • Make asynchronous requests
  • Run code when a page loads
  • Use tabs in jQuery
  • Understand child and parent functions
  • Understand how to use remote data in jQuery
  • Select by element type
  • Select by ID
  • Select by class
  • Select by DOM location
  • Select descendant elements
  • Select by attribute
  • Select by attribute variants
  • Select with first and last pseudo selectors
  • Select with pseudo selectors
  • Select children of a query result
  • Modify element colors
  • Use animation queues
  • Animate colors
  • Animate style changes
  • Stop animations in jQuery
  • Handle the completion of an animation
  • Slide and fade animations

jQuery: Using Essential Features and Functions

  • Add content to an element
  • Modify element style properties
  • Find an element's position
  • Overwrite contents of an element
  • Insert content into a document
  • Replace elements on a page
  • Clone elements
  • Remove elements from a document
  • Get values from elements
  • Wrap elements
  • Unwrap elements
  • Set values of form elements
  • Hide elements
  • Add event handlers
  • Remove event handlers
  • Capture keyboard events
  • Delegate event handlers
  • Use click events
  • Use change events
  • Use submit events
  • Use the datepicker feature
  • Use datepicker to disable specific dates
  • Use datepicker to highlight specific dates
  • Use mouseover
  • Use mouse double-click
  • Use mouse focus out
  • Use mouse down and up

jQuery: Advanced Features and Functions

  • Create a doughnut chart
  • Create a bar chart
  • Create a line chart
  • Create a pie chart
  • Create a polar area chart
  • Create a six charts chart
  • Use simple animation
  • Build on simple animations
  • Animate using UI relative values
  • Animate using UI predefined values
  • Use UI draggables
  • Use UI droppable
  • Use UI radios
  • Use UI checkboxes
  • Use UI textboxes
  • Use UI animated dialogs
  • Use UI autocomplete
  • Use UI autocomplete categories
  • Use UI autocomplete custom data and display
  • Use UI autocomplete multiple values
  • Use UI autocomplete scroll
  • Use slider
  • Use slider with ranges
  • Use slider select
  • Use slider vertical and increment
  • Use AJAX shorthand functions
  • Use AJAX promises
  • Resolve multiple AJAX calls with when()
  • Use accordion events and methods
  • Use accordion icon and fill
  • Use accordion hovering and sortable
  • Add and remove classes
  • Use the toggleclass function



JavaScript is the de facto standard for writing front-end user interfaces for web applications. This course covers many facets of programming rich interactive user experiences with JavaScript.

Who Should Attend


Individuals interested in understanding the jQuery environment and features and functions available in jQuery.

Follow-On Courses


jQuery and jQuery UI are JavaScript libraries that are used on a significant number of web sites. In this path, you will learn about the advanced features of jQuery and the jQuery UI widgets, how to extend jQuery, and how to create plugins or widgets of your own.

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