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XML Essentials

This course explains how to create, write, develop, and implement XML, including its use as an Internet technology.

GK# 7349

Course Overview


XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a language used primarily for the management, display and organization of data. XML consists of tags used to define elements and is derived from SGML or Standard Generalized Markup Language for use on the web. XML's key design goals strive for simplicity and support from a wide variety of applications that transfer data over the Internet. XML has given rise to a subset of technologies such as XSL Transformations (XSLT), the XML Path Language (XPath), and XML Query Language (XQuery). This learning path describes XML and explains how to create, write, develop, and implement XML. It also outlines how XML can be used as an Internet technology and on the World Wide Web.


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What You'll Learn

  • Manipulating XML with the XML DOM and Ajax
  • XML Transformation Using XSLT and XSL-FO
  • Querying XML Data with XPath and XQuery
  • Web Services and XML


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On-Demand Outline

XML Language Basics

  • Describe an XML hierarchy
  • Create a basic XML document
  • Fix errors in a simple XML document
  • Recognize how to create a basic XML DTD
  • Recognize how to create an XML schema
  • Create an XML schema to meet a given set of requirements

Manipulating XML with the XML DOM and Ajax

  • Recognize how to load and parse XML
  • Recognize how to use the XML DOM to access data
  • Access XML data using properties and methods of the XML DOM
  • Recognize the features of Ajax
  • Use Ajax with XML

XML Transformation Using XSLT and XSL-FO

  • Recognize how to write an XML-stylesheet processing instruction
  • Describe the XSLT data model
  • Describe the main output formats of the XDM
  • Recognize how to create an XSLT document
  • Create an XSLT document
  • Recognize how to use advanced XSLT
  • Recognize how to perform a client-side XSLT transformation
  • Recognize how to perform a server-side XSLT transformation
  • Recognize how to use basic XSL-FO
  • Transform and format XML with XSLT and XSL-FO

Querying XML Data with XPath and XQuery

  • Recognize which properties apply to the XPath node types
  • Recognize how to use XPath expressions
  • Recognize how to use common XPath functions
  • Query XML data with XPath
  • Recognize how to use various types of XQuery expressions
  • Use basic built-in XQuery functions
  • Create an XQuery function
  • Recognize when to use the built-in methods of the XML data type
  • Query XML data with XQuery

Web Services and XML

  • Recognize how to make an application available on a web site
  • Differentiate between web service technologies
  • Recognize how SOAP works
  • Describe the elements of a WSDL file
  • Describe the REST architecture
  • Create a web service and prepare it for consumption
  • Recognize the security concerns when building web services
  • Describe the major web service security standards

Who Should Attend


Individuals who wish to learn how to generate web content using XML, who have experience in using HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript to develop web content.

Follow-On Courses


The way we view the web is rapidly changing with many users moving away from the traditional desktop or laptop computers and adopting tablets and smart phones. With that changeover come many new different design challenges that developers have to take into account when they build websites. In this path, you will be introduced to the different technologies and terminologies that will start building your web designing skill sets.

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