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Asynchronous Programming in C#

Learn to effectively add synchrony to your .NET application.

GK# 5295

Course Overview


Nearly all applications today require some kind of asynchronous functionality. Your application might be described as a desktop application that must remain responsive to user input, or perhaps you are working on a web application that must scale under load. Your application may require asynchrony because it is compute-intensive and must take advantage of multi-core hardware, or maybe yours is a distributed application that must access multiple resources concurrently. Regardless of the type of application, there is a core set of skills and knowledge you need to add asynchrony to your application. That is what this course covers.


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What You'll Learn

  • Recognize the purpose of the various asynchronous APIs
  • Perform an operation periodically
  • Call and write asynchronous methods
  • Access shared data and collections from multiple threads
  • Simplify asynchronous code with C# 5 async and await
  • Perform CPU-intensive work on multiple cores


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On-Demand Outline

  1. Recognize the various APIs for asynchronous programming
  2. Perform an operation periodically with a timer
  3. Add a background thread to a UI application
  4. Call asynchronous methods using Task
  5. Add asynchronous methods to a class
  6. Access shared data from multiple threads
  7. Simplify asynchronous code with C# 5 async and await
  8. Improve responsiveness of a desktop UI with asynchrony
  9. Share collections of data between threads
  10. Parallelize an algorithm to use multiple cores



Familiarity with C# syntax, including delegates and lambda expressions

Who Should Attend


C# developer who needs to add asynchrony to an application

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Duration: 12 hours

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