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Advanced Topics in C#

Learn how to use the advanced features of C# in your application to improve performance, reliability, and extensibility.

GK# 5231

Course Overview


In this course, you will explore some of the more advanced features of the C# language. You will learn how attributes work and determine when they are most useful. Additionally, you will learn to write an extensible program, one in which you can plug-in additional functionality after the application is already deployed. The Dispose method’s purpose and its relationship to a class finalizer are also covered. Finally, the course wraps up with a series of activities to show you the power of delegates, the beauty of lambda expressions, and the simplicity of declaring your own events.

This course is available as a subscription for a three-month period beginning at the time of purchase. It includes all course releases, updates, as well as 90 days of instructor support.

You can also purchase this course as part of the Python Developer Bundle or Developer Collection.​


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What You'll Learn

  • Identify how an attribute changes code’s behavior
  • Build an extensible application with reflection
  • Author a wrapper for an unmanaged resource
  • Simplify verbose code with more succinct lambda expressions
  • Use a custom delegate to declare a public event


Viewing outline for:

On-Demand Outline

  1. Customize Code’s Behavior with Attributes
  2. Build an Extensible Application with Reflection
  3. Access Unmanaged Resources
  4. Define and Use Delegates as Method Parameters
  5. Use Lambda Expressions to Call Methods that Require Delegate Parameters
  6. Declare Events



Software developer familiar with the .NET type system, including object-orientation, interfaces, and generics

Who Should Attend


C# developer interested in advanced topics

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Duration: 9 hours

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