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Object Oriented Programming with C#

Learn to use the object-oriented features of the C# language for better quality code that is more reusable and maintainable.

GK# 5227

Course Overview


In this course, you will learn about the features of C# that support modern object-oriented development. Those features include inheritance, interfaces, generics, collections, and events. The emphasis is on how these features support code reuse. That is, how can a software developer use these features to write code that can be used in a variety of situations? How can these features make code more extensible and maintainable over time? Finally, this course introduces you to structs and nullable value types.


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What You'll Learn

  • Write reusable code using inheritance, interfaces, and generics
  • Use the built-in, generic collection classes
  • Subscribe to existing events
  • Recognize the role that structs and nullable value types play in C#


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On-Demand Outline

  1. Reuse Code with Object Inheritance
  2. Reuse Code with Interfaces
  3. Reuse Code with Generics
  4. Work with Collections of Items
  5. Subscribe to Events
  6. Use Structs in Your Type Library
  7. Use nullable types in your type library



Basic understanding of C# syntax and class definitions.

Who Should Attend


Software developers with basic understanding of C# syntax.

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Duration: 9 hours

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