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What is DevOps?

DevOps is quite literally an agglomeration of DEVelopment and OPerations.  It is the meeting point of systems, culture and technology that enables an organisation to quickly realise value from effective flow of work from development through test and deployment while preserving operational reliability, performance and security.       

Top 3 benefits of adopting DevOps practices

Quality – 50-70% reduction in failure rates
Agility – Up to 90% reduction in provision and deployment time
Efficiency – 15-20% reduction in IT costs

Source: Boston Consulting Group 2017

What do our DevOps training courses cover?

Global Knowledge training is in 3 main areas

DevOps: People

DevOps: Processes

DevOps: Tools

DevOps challenges accepted cultural norms. The transition from gladiatorial battles between functionally specialised silos to multi-skilled teams operating with a single focus, for the common good is a journey your people need to be prepared for. The DevOps three ways of ‘flow’, ‘feedback’, and ‘continual learning and experimentation’ promote the high-trust culture and a scientific approach to organisational improvement that make change happen. Adoption isn’t easy but learning the DevOps ways of working enables your team to get closer to their goals every day Automation is DevOps’ Nirvana. Indeed, 'Automate everything' is a key principle of DevOps. From code generation through build, test, and deploy the tools that form your chain are a key to successful delivery of functionality and business defining change.

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