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Microsoft 365 Continuous Adoption Programme

Microsoft 365 Continuous Adoption Programme

Global Knowledge's continuous adoption programme delivers a flexible inclusive package of custom ongoing learning. It provides skills and knowledge to empower users and support a continuous learning mindset and innovative thinking to drive adoption.

How do we do it?

Your dedicated GK team will work with you to analyse uptake, user queries and feedback and continuously tweak the programme to align delivery with actual user needs. We will plan the training schedule to incorporate and align with ongoing implementation phases.


This programme is designed to provide:

  • Continuous Targeted Learning
  • Training To Suit All Learning Styles
  • Advance End User Skills
  • Develop and Empower Champions
  • Create Happy Users
  • Increase ROI

Our Continuous Adoption Programme Provides:

  • GK Team. Dedicated Training Consultant(s) and Support Team for your programme.  
  • Discovery. Activities to ensure the programme is always relevant.
    • Initial Discovery Review.
    • Ongoing Discovery Activities to mine the value from Microsoft 365.
      • Support users  to work smarter, quicker and effectively.
      • Improve communication and Collaboration.
      • Discover how M365 apps support business process automation.
    • Keep champions and users up to date with the M365 rolling release developments.
  • Tailored Training Plan
    • We will create a Custom Relevant Ongoing Training and Support Schedule.
    • With Curated Content, Creative Scheduling, Flexible Durations to suit all.
  • Champions Training (Virtual). Ongoing training to empower and keep your superusers up to date.
  • Training for Users (Virtual). Ongoing Targeted Training for your people. Delivered by use case, scenario or topic, 1:1, mentoring, coaching, buzz sessions. And personal support via a genius bar.
  • Administration. We will provide Scheduling, Booking and Evaluation support for your training.
  • Ongoing Review. To ensure the training is always relevant and aligned to support user needs and the organisation objectives.

For more information contact your Account Manager or contact us via the button below.