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Security Awareness Portal

We all know security has a serious impact on business. That is why we make security awareness seriously fun! By introducing the subject in an easy and accessible wa, we want to make people aware in a natural way.

The weakest link

Employees are still the weakest link in the security chain. That is why there is so much to gain when it comes to security awareness. No matter how well your systems, technological security solutions and policies are implemented, it will not help you one bit if your employees do not recognise a phishing mail, bad links or dangerous downloads. As long as they work without thinking about security, your organization is at risk. This shows training and gaining knowledge about security is essential for all employees.

Up for the challenge!

The security awareness game gives your employees insight into their knowledge of security in a fun way. The supplied training material in the portal can then immediately bridge the lack of knowledge. Of course, this training material will be completely tuned to fill the knowledge gap that has been measured. After the training, you can measure the improvements with an exam.

Try for yourself!

Are you curious about our security portal and what it can do for you? Then try it yourself. Request access below and you will receive a link to the demo version. The demo account is currently available in Dutch and entails:

  • The awareness game
  • The assessment
  • The training
  • The exam

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