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Try out the Security Awareness Portal

Pling. Your friend messages you if you can transfer him a small amount of money. The phone number might be unfamiliar, but his profile pic is the same - so it must be him, right?

The time of the Nigerian Prince scam has come and gone - cyber criminals manage to get your personal information in all sorts of sneaky ways. In 2019, a record number of Belgians were the victim of phishing..

Turn yourself into the strongest link

Cyber criminals might pretend to be someone you know, to get access to your finances. They might listen in on your smart devices or mis use your trusting nature to get your personal data. The worst? Often you won't even realize this is happening. You are the weakest link in the cyber security chain. Won't you much rather be the hero? Turn yourself into the strongest link in the Security chain with Security Awareness training.

Try the Security Awareness Portal

Put your security knowledge to the test with the Security Awareness Portal. Once you've gone through our portal, you know exactly which security knowledge you are missing. You'll receive security advice - custom to your situation. Try out a demo of the portal via the button below.

Want to try out the full portal after you've done the demo? Reach out to our Business Development Manager Innovation and Security or your Global Knowledge account manager.

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