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Develop cloud and edge components for an Azure IoT solution.

An Azure IoT Developer works with data engineers and other stakeholders to ensure successful business integration. Candidates for this certification should have subject matter expertise developing cloud and edge components of an Azure IoT solution.

Responsibilities include managing the device lifecycle - set up, configuration, and maintenance, using cloud services, and other tools. You will implement designs for Azure IoT solutions including device topology, connectivity, debugging, and security, as well as manage, monitor, and transform IoT-related data pipelines.

You should have experience implementing the Azure services that form an IoT solution, including data storage options, data analysis, data processing, and platform-as-a-service options. This role should also be able to recognize Azure IoT service configuration settings within the code portion of an IoT solution and perform specific IoT coding tasks in at least one Azure-supported language, including C#, Node, C, or Python.

Earning this certification will validate you are able to:

  • Implement the IoT solution infrastructure
  • Provision and manage devices
  • Implement Edge
  • Process and manage data
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize IoT solutions
  • Implement security

Job role: Developer

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Microsoft introduced a new approach to help learners stay current. Those who have an active certification expiring within six months can renew their certification annually – at no cost – by passing a renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn. For more information, please check out the Renew your Microsoft Certification page.