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Understand basic application development on the JavaScript Backbone.js library.

GK# 7285

Course Overview


Backbone.js is a JavaScript library which enables single page applications built in JavaScript. Backbone.js is based on a Model View presenter model, and implements a RESTful JSON interface. This path of courses covers basic application development on the JavaScript Backbone.js library.


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What You'll Learn

  • Getting Started with Backbone.js
  • Complex Application Development with Backbone.js


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On-Demand Outline

Getting Started with Backbone.js

  • Download Backbone.js
  • Download jQuery for Backbone.js
  • Download Underscore.js for use in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Set up a boilerplate HTML file for use with Backbone.js
  • Create a script file and link it to the boilerplate in Backbone.js
  • Reduce a Backbone.js app's HTTP requests to the server by embedding code into the main HTML document
  • Create a model using Backbone.js
  • Add arbitrary properties to a model in Backbone.js
  • Set up default values for a model in Backbone.js
  • Use a Getter to access model properties in Backbone.js
  • Use Setters to add or change property values for a model in Backbone.js
  • Use events to ensure application responses when dealing with data model changes using Backbone.js
  • Add an event when the title changes in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Work with the basic concepts of creating views in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Control the HTML element, class, and id in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Bind a model to a view in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Add a view to a page in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Separate code for models and views into separate files in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Download Handlebars for JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Create a Handlebars template in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Display images in a JavaScript Backbone.js application using the Handlebars template
  • Download and install the Handlebars runtime templating engine to speed View rendering in your Backbone.js app
  • Create and save a ready-to-be-compiled Handlebars template file for your Backbone.js app
  • Use the Handlebars command-line tool to speed up Backbone.js Views rendering
  • Use a precompiled Handlebars template file in your Backbone.js app
  • Create an ordered set of models utilizing JavaScript Backbone.js collections
  • Iterate over a collection of models using a built-in Underscore.js utility within JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Sort on a collection using Underscore's sortBy() method in a JavaScript Backbone.js application
  • Transform collection items and produce a new array of values using the Underscore.js map function in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Use the Underscore.js pluck() function to extract the values of an attribute in a JavaScript Backbone.js collection
  • Combine Underscore.js utilities using the chain() function when working with JavaScript Backbone.js collections
  • Create simple client-side URL navigation in a JavaScript application utilizing Backbone.Router
  • Use HTML hyperlinks to trigger Backbone.js routes and manage your page navigation
  • Use Backbone.js colon syntax to pass identifiers as arguments to the hash function to create complex URLs
  • Define a default empty route to your Backbone.js router

Complex Application Development with Backbone.js

  • Locate, download, and install the Node.js web server, which enables client-server functionality for your Backbone applications on your computer
  • Install NPM (Node Packaged Modules) and finalize the installation of the Node.js server used by Backbone.js
  • Prepare a JavaScript file in Backbone.js with the basic settings which allow you to run Node
  • Render a model to a view in Backbone.js
  • Create an application that lets users carry out operations on the server in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Implement MongoDB in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Create a collection for rendering lists in Backbone.js
  • Use Backbone.js to create views for displaying array items
  • Display List Views with Backbone.js
  • Convert a list of items into hyperlinks to serve as navigation in an app using Backbone.js
  • Create a Handlebars template, then configure it using Backbone.js
  • Add a form view to an application using Backbone.js
  • Save user data to a server using Backbone.js
  • Add the Backbone.delete method to your Backbone.js application
  • Set up and use Backbone.js events
  • Respond to objects being changed or added to models using Backbone.js
  • Add an event that listens for a click and displays a message using Backbone.js
  • Add a change event to a model to track changes to its data using Backbone.js
  • Use Backbone.js to listen to bound events
  • Use an API event to add another callback in Backbone.js
  • Use the listenTo method in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Use the once method in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Include a keypress event that listens for a particular key in a Backbone.js application
  • Include an error callback in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Remove the pound sign from URLs in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Populate collections with data from a database in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Code an application to add and delete database records in JavaScript Backbone.js
  • Install the Marionette application library for Backbone.js
  • Reduce the code needed to create and render views to a single line using Marionette in Backbone.js
  • Define an Essential Application Object using Marionette in Backbone.js
  • Use Marionette to add regions to your Backbone.js application
  • Use Marionette to place aspects of your Backbone.js application within a module
  • Use the Backbone LocalStorage library to add storage capability to a Backbone.js application
  • Use Marionette to create a layout and define a template and its features for a Backbone.js application
  • Use Marionette composite view to add multiple instances of itemView to a collection and apply views in Backbone.js

Who Should Attend


JavaScript developers who wish to develop web applications using the Backbone.js library.

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