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Getting Started with SQLAlchemy

Learn how to get started with the most popular ORM in Python: SQLAlchemy.

GK# 5193

Course Overview

One of the biggest productivity boosts you can add to your data-driven application is to use a high-level framework to access your database. SQLAlchemy is the most flexible and highly popular ORM (Object Relational Mapper) in Python. Once you take this course, you'll be able to write efficient and reliable code whether you're working on a web application or other data driven application. 

This course begins with an overview of ORMs and SQLAlchemy. Then we move on to the most commonly used features of SQLAlchemy, the ORM. You'll learn how to map classes to the database and even generate the database from your in-memory models. Finally, we'll round out the course with a look at a lower-level layer of SQLAlchemy that provides greater flexibility than the ORM (at the cost of more work on your side).

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What You'll Learn

  • Data access techniques
  • Use SQLAlchemy to access your DB
  • What an ORM is and why you should use it
  • Map classes to the database
  • Generate the database from your in-memory models
  • Use the more flexible SQLAlchemy core layer


A basic command of the Python language and standard library

Who Needs To Attend

Python developers who need to access databases safely

Course Outline

Download Course Outline