AWS Cert Prep Toolkits Deliver the Tools and Training You Need — All In One Place

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is updating its technology at a blistering pace. IT professionals who work in AWS cloud environments are probably nodding their heads, as the constant innovation results in a need to continuously learn new features and techniques.

With this level of change, organizations who are invested heavily in AWS products and services also need to invest heavily in professionals who have AWS skills and certifications. Thus, AWS-certified professionals are earning the highest salaries in North America.1

So if you’re looking to certify or recertify in AWS, now is the time. Global Knowledge has released five exclusive AWS Certification Prep Toolkits to meet the rising demand for AWS-certified individuals.

What are AWS Cert Prep Toolkits?

The Toolkits include the tools and training you need to prepare for an AWS certification exam—all in one place and at a lower price than if you purchase each individually. Here’s what’s included in the Toolkits:

• Authorized AWS training course—available in a classroom or virtual setting

• Virtual Exam Readiness Workshop

• Associate or Professional Exam voucher

Who are these Toolkits designed for?

The AWS Certification Prep Toolkits are based on specific AWS job roles. If you’re an AWS architect, developer, SysOps administrator or DevOps engineer, we’ve got you covered. The five Toolkits are:

Solutions Architect – Associate

Solutions Architect – Professional

Developer – Associate

SysOps Administrator – Associate

DevOps Engineer – Professional

What is the goal of AWS Cert Prep Toolkits?

The ultimate objective is to provide you with all of the knowledge and resources necessary to pass your AWS certification exam. At the same time, we know that IT budgets are thin. Training opportunities are limited, so when you do, you want to make sure you have access to everything you need. This product includes all of the training and tools in one place at a budget-friendly rate.

Get ready with the most up-to-date AWS training.

Get set with an Exam Readiness Workshop.

Then go schedule your certification exam with an exam voucher.

How will Toolkits impact your job?

The AWS Certification Prep Toolkits provide the flexible learning solutions you need to set you up for exam success. Once certified, IT professionals are proven to provide greater value.

The Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report highlights the individual and organizational benefits of certification.

For IT professionals, 70% are more effective in the job after preparing for a certification exam. Forty percent perform their job faster. And in terms of salary, certified IT staff are paid 22% more than non-certified professionals in North America.

For organizations, certified employees deliver real results that help the business. IT decision-makers say that certified staff perform work faster, are better able to meet client stakeholder requirements and close organizational skills gaps.

Why you should prepare for certification with Global Knowledge

Our AWS Certification Prep Toolkits are only available from Global Knowledge. The included training course in each Toolkit is also AWS-authorized, so you know it’s up to date and will cover the latest AWS products and releases.

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