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Cybersecurity is the most in-demand skill in IT. And the supply of qualified talent is limited.

For seasoned IT professionals, a shift to cybersecurity may pay off in terms of salary and job security. If you’re looking for a place to start, Global Knowledge’s Cybersecurity Foundations training course provides an understanding of security fundamentals, including threats, mitigating controls and organizational responsibilities. For those wanting to explore cybersecurity as a career path, this course is essential.

Now, you can get a taste of Cybersecurity Foundations and our On-Demand training for free. Our Cybersecurity Primer is a free on-demand training course that gives you access to the first module in Cybersecurity Foundations. This 45-minute course covers the big topics in cybersecurity, including:

• The meaning of the CIA triad

• Types of security threats

• Security controls

• Criminal hacking vs. ethical hacking

• Risk management

The Cybersecurity Primer is ideal for professionals who have 3-5 years of IT experience. It’s a perfect launching point to a cybersecurity career.

“We’re targeting people who have been in IT a while and want to see what cybersecurity is all about,” said Dave Buster, Global Knowledge’s senior portfolio director for cybersecurity.

The Cybersecurity Primer, like the rest of our On-Demand courses, features instruction from the industry’s foremost subject matter experts (SMEs). This is a free sample of a real course. It’s different than the voiceover PowerPoint trainings you may be used to—it’s recorded in a state-of-the-art studio with an instructor who understands the flow of an engaging classroom environment.

“He has taught this in a live classroom hundreds of times with live students,” said Brad Puckett, Global Knowledge senior product manager for cybersecurity. “What you’re seeing is an industry-leading instructor who’s coming straight out of a classroom.”

Puckett has one suggestion: Take a look at the details for Cybersecurity Foundations first. If it peaks your interest, take the Primer. Following the Primer, if you’re interested in what’s being discussed, enroll in the full Foundations course. If you’re comfortable in the material and want to dive deeper, you may have a career in cybersecurity.

“We cater to people who are smart, enjoy solving puzzles and are perhaps a little bit paranoid,” said Buster. “They become excellent cybersecurity experts.”

The Cybersecurity Primer is a good career-path starter. For decision-makers feeling the effects of the cybersecurity skills shortage, have your current employees take this free on-demand course. Those who take to the training could eventually fill the cybersecurity openings that the industry has been struggling to fill. 

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