DevOps Experts Headline DevOpsDays Raleigh 2018 Conference

The organizers of DevOpsDays Raleigh 2018 have secured some of top DevOps experts for their third annual event. The Research Triangle’s version of the worldwide conferences returns to Raleigh’s McKimmon Center September 10-11. 

Their goal to meld the development and operations communities together started back in 2009 at the first ever DevOpsDays in Ghent, Belgium. Since then, DevOpsDays events have attracted professionals on the DevOps frontline including developers, operations and individuals involved with emerging technology across the globe from Amsterdam to Zurich.

World-class DevOps leaders will converge in Raleigh to spread the DevOps gospel and share their experiences from the trenches where DevOps is making a difference in how organizations operate around the world. The keynote speakers scheduled for DevOpsDays Raleigh are impressive: 

Nathen Harvey – DevOps State of Mind 

The event kicks off with a morning keynote from Chef’s VP of Community Development Nathen Harvey entitled “DevOps State of Mind.” He will discuss requirements of a successful DevOps transformation and help you determine the next steps on your organization’s DevOps journey. At Chef, Harvey’s mission is to help people learn about the practices, processes and technologies that support DevOps, continuous delivery, and high-velocity organizations. His background includes managing operations and infrastructure for a diverse range of web applications. He is also co-host of the DevOps-themed podcast Food Fight Show. 

You can follow Nathen on Twitter at @nathenharvey

Edson Yanaga – Advanced Pipelines for Hypothesis-Driven Development

Red Hat’s Director of Developer Experience Edson Yanaga is scheduled to discuss “Advanced Pipelines for Hypothesis-Driven Development.” Yanaga is a Java Champion, Microsoft MVP, renowned published author and a frequent speaker at international conferences. During his keynote he will explore the transformation of deployment pipelines. Expect a ton of demos and deployments with smart routers and feature toggles to check how effective A/B testing can be achieved, as well as how to set up a monitoring platform. 

You can follow Edson on Twitter at @yanaga 

Jenn Wrenn Henry – Data for Continuous Improvement from a Metrics Gathering Change Agent

Starbucks’ resident DevOps evangelist, Jenn Wrenn Henry, is a developer turned Agile coach turned DevOps fan who helps transform organizations by communicating the vision for the future while finding approachable tactics to take the next step in a technical evolution. She is a passionate connector of processes, technology and culture, and has amassed a toolbox of carefully selected metrics to reveal progress and effectiveness. During her session at DevOpsDays Raleigh entitled “Data for Continuous Improvement from a Metrics Gathering Change Agent,” you will discover how to measure operational health and drive change and DevOps adoption. She will share how she determined what to measure at Starbucks, and equally as important, what not to measure. She will discuss how those metrics are used to generate meaningful conversations with leadership to continually grow and improve.  

You can follow Jenn on Twitter at @jennwrennhen 

Chris Van Tuin – Continuous Security with Kubernetes

Red Hat Chief Technologist Chris Van Tuin is a frequent speaker on DevOps, containers and security topics, and has been architecting solutions for strategic customers since joining Red Hat in 2005. He began his career at Intel in IT and Managed Hosting followed by leadership roles in services and sales engineering at Loudcloud and Linux startups. A graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, his session on “Continuous Security with Kubernetes” will address the security risks your organization faces when adopting containers in a DevOps environment. These risks include images, builds, registry, deployment, hosts, network, storage and APIs. Also discover best practices for deploying container security updates including recreate, rolling, blue/green, canary and A/B testing.

You can follow Chris on Twitter at @chrisvantuin 

Jayne Groll – Modern Skills for DevOps Professionals

Co-founder and CEO of the DevOps Institute, Jayne Groll is also an ITIL expert, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Agile Service Manager, and a Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE). Her IT management career spans over 25 years of senior IT management roles across a wide range of industries. Groll is active in the DevOps, ITSM and Agile communities and author of the Agile Service Management Guide. Her session during DevOpsDays Raleigh, “Modern Skills for DevOps Professionals,” focuses on how IT professionals can adapt to changing environments and transform their own skillset to become more multi-dimensional by gaining both depth and breadth of a wide variety of knowledge and competencies, including DevOps. She will discuss how the DevOps principle of “shifting left” is creating opportunities for developers, operational staff, security and others to grow their skills portfolio and advance their careers. She will explore emerging practices that organizations and individuals will need to adopt to keep and gain competitive advantage and how to identify a learning path that will help them evolve into an in-demand DevOps professional.

You can follow her on Twitter at @JayneGroll  

Lee Eason – Enterprise DevOps: To the Victor Go the Spoils

As Ipreo’s Director of DevOps, Lee Eason drives organizational change from traditional, separate operations and development teams, into integrated, cross functional DevOps, enabling development teams to fully own their applications. A self-taught programmer and co-founder of Tekata, Eason has operated in just about every area of software development over the last two decades and has worked in various technology industries, including marketing, education, healthcare and finance. His DevOpsDays Raleigh session, “Enterprise DevOps: To the Victor Go the Spoils,” will explore why DevOps can be difficult to drive in larger, more established companies. He will share stories from the DevOps trenches to illustrate where the big roadblocks can occur when launching DevOps in a large enterprise, and where the need for DevOps is greatest. If you’ve ever experienced challenges driving adoption of new tools and approaches, don’t miss this session.

You can follow him on Twitter at @leejeason 

Michael Piecuch – Jenkins CI + Robot framework + Ansible = Power!!

Nuage Networks’ senior DevOps engineer Mike Piecuch has a diverse background in the networking industry, working on technologies such as SNMP, MPLS VPN routing, VoIP, configuration architecture, DPDK data forwarding, full-stack development and DevOps. His current position is writing DevOps tools around Ansible and Python for deploying and maintaining SDN infrastructure. His DevOps Days Raleigh session entitled “Jenkins CI + Robot framework + Ansible = Power!!” will include how to integrate the robot framework into Jenkins CI as well as a demo of the automation platform in use.

Chris Bailey – Pull the Thread: Real World Observability

In addition to DevOpsDays Raleigh organizer, Chris Bailey is co-host of the DevOps podcast Setup for Failure, organizer of the Triangle DevOps Meetup group as well as the DevOps Manager at Dude Solutions. In his DevOpsDay session, “Pull the Thread: Real World Observability,” Chris will pull back the curtain on the observability platform at Dude Solutions, warts and all. He will talk through the considerations before even getting started, the pitfalls and gotchas encountered along the way, and the best way to sell the value of comprehensive monitoring, alerting and logging back to the business. At the end of this talk, you should have a good foundation for starting the journey toward your own observability platform.

Register to attend DevOpsDays Raleigh by visiting their website. Whether or not you are attending, you can follow DevOpsDays Raleigh updates by following the hashtag #DevOpsDaysRDU and I will be live tweeting during the sessions from @GKonDevOps and @GKJohnMarkIvey


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