3 Things We’re Looking Forward to at Cisco Live

I generally attend Cisco Live to assist with Global Knowledge’s presence in the World of Solutions (Cisco’s fancy name for the exhibitor floor) and not as an attendee. This really provides me a unique view into the new products and announcements, as well as immediate customer reaction. 

Every tech company loves to hype their new solutions, but the question always remains: “Will customers actually buy it?” At Cisco Live, you can immediately tell when a new product has resonated with the customer base because it’s all anyone wants to discuss at the event.

Cisco Live U.S. kicks off June 10 in Orlando, Fla. and here are three things I’m most excited to hear more about at the event:

1. Cisco’s 802.11ax solution

As far as a true new product release, the potential of 802.11ax makes me excited to see Cisco’s proposed Enterprise 802.11ax solution. As mentioned at a Cisco Connect event I attended, an 802.11ax solution is expected to be announced at Cisco Live.  As more and more wireless devices are added to enterprise networks, congestion and reliability will be a concern that needs to be addressed.

In addition to increased speed, 802.11ax promises to relieve perceived network congestion for the end user. For anyone who has ever tried to access public Wi-Fi in a crowded area such as an airport, this could be a big improvement in speed and reliability if 802.11ax delivers on its promises. There are also potentially home solutions due to be released later this year. I want to see the reaction to Cisco’s proposed solution to know what demand to expect in the future.

2. How the Cisco DNA and DNA Center will continue to evolve

From a product impact standpoint, I am looking forward to seeing how many people are interested in Cisco Digital Network Architecture and the Catalyst 9000 series switches. From Cisco I would like to hear how DNA and DNA Center will continue to evolve and what new feature to expect. This product family has the potential to reshape network design and administration, by allowing configurations to be deployed to devices at the click of a button. I really want to hear from the customers themselves what impact it will have on their organization.

3. Innovative solutions from other vendors

It’s not just about Cisco. Every year, there are also some exciting and innovative solution presented by third-party vendors. There are always so many third-party solutions on display at the World of Solutions, many of which drive important training discussions at the Global Knowledge booth. My first year at Cisco Live, one of the biggest topics was Splunk, which had a large presence at the event. Citrix, Red Hat, Solarwinds and Plixer always deliver as well and often lead to a lot of discussions. Customers will inevitably hear about a new solution, then stop by and ask if we have training for it. We often do! As always, I’m always excited to see what the hot topic will be this year.

If you’re attending Cisco Live, drop by our booth, #1221, get some free swag and let us know what you’re excited about. This feedback greatly assists us in shaping our future training so we can offer courses that help your IT organization thrive.

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