Course Spotlight: SISE – Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine v2.3

Global Knowledge launched SISE v2.3 – Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine v2.3 in January with the intention of teaching students about the latest version of Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). Which begs the question… 


What is the Cisco Identity Services Engine?

As the modern network expands, so does the complexity of managing resources and disparate security solutions. Cisco ISE is a different approach to both manage and secure the evolving enterprise network.

ISE simplifies the delivery of consistent, highly-secure access control across wired, wireless and VPN connections. With far-reaching, intelligent sensor and profiling capabilities, ISE can reach deep into the network to deliver superior visibility into who and what are accessing resources.

Results of a recent Cisco case study of Georgetown University revealed the following three outcomes of ISE implementation: 

1. Provided actionable intelligence on the users and devices on the network. 
2. Minimized the risk of unsecured devices entering the network. 
3. Enabled employees the flexibility to work anywhere on any device securely.

What is the goal of this course?

This course provides learners with the knowledge and skills to enforce security compliance for wired and wireless endpoints and enhance infrastructure security using the Cisco ISE solution.

What will you learn?

• Cisco ISE Architecture and Deployment 
• Cisco ISE Policy 
• Cisco ISE Web Authentication and Guest Services 
• Cisco ISE Profiler 
• Cisco ISE BYOD 
• Cisco ISE Endpoint Compliance Services 
• Cisco ISE with AMP and VPN-Based Services 
• Cisco ISE Integrated Solutions with APIs 
• Cisco ISE and Network Access Devices 
• Cisco ISE Design

Who should take it?

This course is designed for any technician or sales engineer involved in the management or installation of Cisco ISE solutions, including:

• Technical solution architects 
• End-user technicians that need the knowledge to install, configure, and deploy Cisco ISE 
• Channel partners and field engineers that need to meet the educational requirements to sell and support the ISE product 

How will this course impact your job?

This course enables technicians responsible for maintaining infrastructure security and enforcing compliance for wired and wireless endpoints to deploy and configure a complete Cisco ISE solution to secure identity-based networks.

Cisco ISE utilizes the following elements, policies and protocols:

• 802.1x, MAB, Web Authentication 
• Posture Policy Services 
• Profiling Policy 
• Device On-Boarding 
• Guest Services 
• VPN Access

You will learn to employ the following advanced Cisco ISE features:

• Active Directory Integration 
• Policy Sets 
• EasyConnect 
• EAP-FAST with EAP Chaining 
• AnyConnect 4.x Posture Module for LAN and VPN compliance 
• Threat Centric NAC using AMP 
• PxGrid 
• TACACS+ Device Management 
• TrustSec Security Group Access.

Why should you take this course from Global Knowledge?

In addition to our reputation for high quality course deliveries and incredibly knowledgeable and experienced instructors, this course includes Cisco Training Exclusives. Only available from Global Knowledge, Cisco Training Exclusives add 12 months access to supplemental training assets like a 40,000+ title video-on-demand library, access to the Introduction to Cybersecurity on-demand course, and more.


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