Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

Global Knowledge’s top blogs of 2016 spotlight the rise of developers, the fear of hackers and an overwhelming love of tech toys.

We learned plenty about our readers when examining the most-viewed posts of the year.

They sought solutions—how can organizations improve software delivery to customers?

They sought security—how is the federal government planning to protect the data of private citizens?

They wanted a peek at the hottest gadgets—who doesn’t?

Here are our top 5 blog posts of 2016:

5. How the First Email Message was Born

“That first email was sent from one Digital Equipment Corporation computer to another DEC-10, which happened to sit beside each other in (Ray Tomlinson’s) lab.”

We send and receive so many emails a day that we tend to take it for granted. Well, so did its creator, Ray Tomlinson.

Tomlinson sent the first email in 1971 and thought so little of it that he didn’t even save the test message as a keepsake. It was so insignificant to Tomlinson that he only vaguely remembers the original message—it was something resembling “QWERTYUIOP.”

In fact, he didn’t realize the significance of his invention until he later showed it to a colleague.

Tomlinson passed away in March at the age of 74.

4. Federal Agencies Prepare for Massive Cybersecurity and Privacy Revamp

“The president’s unprecedented plan is a 35 percent increase in government-wide cybersecurity spending from the 2016 federal budget.”

This blog is probably more relevant now than when it posted in March. With Yahoo’s massive data breach and the recent DDoS attacks that impacted major web properties such as Netflix and Twitter, cybersecurity is a major concern for both businesses and consumers.

Recent intelligence findings concerning Russia’s influence in the presidential election have intensified fears as well. Can the federal government protect its own citizens from hackers?

In February, President Barack Obama created the Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP), proposing a $19 billion budget to fund cybersecurity and update the government’s outdated IT systems. This post examines the details of the president’s plan and how Global Knowledge cybersecurity training can aid federal employees.

3. What Developers Can Expect in 2016

“As professional developers, we should know more than one programming language. … The question always remains, ‘Which language should I learn?’”

Author and developer Bradley Needham made some spot-on predictions in this early-2016 post.

He anticipated the importance of DevOps and tools that aid its success. He suggested developers learn more than one programming language and foresaw advancements in wearable tech and the software that drives them.

Needham also touches on artificial intelligence concerns that are sweeping the industry and stresses the need for software professionals to proactively work together to make sure “we get it right.”

2. Are DevOps and ITIL® in Conflict or Complementary?

“DevOps provides us with a fresh perspective to examine the ITIL framework in several key areas that will improve core processes, functions and principles within ITIL.”

Author Paul Dooley doesn’t leave any gray area here—the answer, resoundingly, is “complementary.” Dooley notes there are no conflicts between DevOps and ITIL, and the collaborative nature of DevOps adds value to service transition, service operation and the Continual Service Improvement process.

Since ITIL is the hub of best practices for the IT industry, service providers benefit greatly by incorporating harmonizing services like DevOps. If implemented correctly, this type of practice should strengthen the alignment between the business and customer.

1. Tech the Halls: Top 12 Gadgets of the Holiday Season

“Whether you prefer to stand in line for hours to buy the newest smartphone or long for the days of 8-bit gaming, there’s a perfect tech toy for you this holiday season.”

Virtual reality gaming, video doorbells, app-controlled droids … the future is here when it comes to the most coveted tech toys for the 2016 holiday season.

Global Knowledge’s tech lovers selected the gizmos they want most this year. Some are easier to come by than others. (Apologies to anyone hoping to find an NES Classic under their tree on Christmas morning. Most stores sold out the day they went on sale.)

Whether you want an iPhone 7 or a new pair of wireless headphones, the best part about filling out your tech toy wish list is feeling like a kid again.

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