Top 10 SharePoint Terms to Get You Started

process157023147SharePoint is full of buzz words and catch phrases that might skim over your head if you are new to the software. As software, SharePoint brings us together for easy collaboration, but if you don’t understand the basics, you may be making the wrong move. Here we will cover some basic terms to get you started with SharePoint.

  1. Request: Loading a page makes a request and then receives some kind of data.
  2. Network Load Balancer: Distributes user requests from to WFEs.
  3. Web Front Ends (WFE): Collection of servers that process user requests and returns data.
  4. Database: Typically you have one configuration database and many content databases that store any data that can change.
  5. Metadata: Data about the data. Typically seen as values in the SharePoint library.
  6. Authentication: Deciding who is a user.
  7. Authorization: Deciding what each user can do.
  8. Web Application: Virtual server that resides on an HTTP server but appears to the user as a separate HTTP server, typically with its own domain name and IP address.
  9. Site Collection: Included at least once in a web application under application management, a site collection shows the hierarchy of sites. Site collection has the same owner and share administration settings and has only one Top Level Site.
  10. Top Level Site: Top Level Site is the default site in a site collection and includes the subsites. To see the full list of subsites for a site collection, you must be a member of the administrator group in the top level web site.

If you need a little more help, check out Pentalogic’s post on SharePoint Terminology and Richard Harbridge’s SharePoint Glossary.

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