New to IBM Business Process Manager? Bookmark this List of Common Abbreviations!

IBMBPM186282991BlogYou know how whenever you start something new you have to hang out for a bit until you figure out what all the abbreviations and acronyms mean? It’s like terminology purgatory. It’s always such a beautiful moment when you discover that you’ve internalized the language of something new, right? Priceless.

Honestly, I keep a running list of abbreviations of things I’ve picked up over my career, for “posterity” I guess . . . and I was thrilled to find out that one of our IBM SMEs does the same for IBM Business Process Manager abbreviations. We’ve noticed that the language barrier is even more serious with BPM since it crosses so many different departments and because she’s awesome she agreed to let me share her list with you here. So if you’re new to IBM BPM, take a skim through this list of common abbreviations or bookmark it so you can refer back.

Nothing wrong with fast forwarding through terminology purgatory, right?


Common IBM BPM Abbreviations

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*Usage note: SOAP is not an acronym; it is a word (formerly an acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol).


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See anything we missed? Note it in the comments!

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