New Red Hat Program Propels Red Hat into Self-Paced Training

laptopRed Hat recently announced one of their newest endeavors, a self-paced training program to propel the next generation of IT architecture, during the Red Hat Summit in Boston. The Red Hat Learning subscription gives students the ability to consume material in a modern, on demand fashion. Access to Red Hat’s self-paced learning course includes:

  • More than 100 days of content
  • More than 300 recorded instructor videos
  • Up to 400 hours of labs
  • Email support for content and technical assistance

“As our customers face time constraints, earlier deadlines and less opportunities to attend training, we needed a learning solution that allowed them access anytime, anywhere and at their pace,” said Jenna Doss, North American Partner Manager at Global Knowledge. “By offering Red Hat’s Learning Subscription, Global Knowledge now has the opportunity to provide the entire Red Hat portfolio as a different type of continuing learning experience to our customers.”

As consumers have changed their level of expectation in regards to how quickly and perfectly they expect mobile apps and software to perform, IT professionals also expect a similar streamlined approach for their learning environment. The Red Hat Learning Subscription is XML based, enabling advanced indexed searches in real-time which is crucial for the “just in time” aspect of what self-paced is beginning to lend itself to.

This new self-paced program comes in the wake of the announcement that Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Hana will now be offered on the AWS marketplace. In statements to various press outlets, Red Hat mentioned they are trying to provide more options for companies to deploy big data solutions that also push toward more segmented roles. For anyone involved in the IT marketplace, it’s no surprise that the IT climate is continuing to change at a rapid pace.

“As IT job roles continue to morph, more people will be required to have a basic knowledge in a variety of IT subject areas,” said Ben Watson, senior product director at Global Knowledge. “Easily searchable self-paced learning subscriptions, such as this one, allow professionals to continuously update their skills as needed.”

But, will students begin gravitating towards this option, using it in addition to live instructor led training, or stick with other modes of delivery?

Curious to learn more? Read the course description.

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