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BruceGarrod460421821I’m excited about joining the Global Knowledge blogging team. Being surrounded by thoughtful professionals who share insights in their areas of expertise is inspiring. As I click around the various forums, it’s hard not to get consumed by the vast amounts of perspectives my colleagues have to offer.

I am a Project Manager (PM). Perhaps that’s too vague, so here’s a bit of backstory. A long time ago I was an entry level Project Manager. After becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP), I had the fortune of being promoted to the role of Senior PM. This was a good run that lead to a role in a Project Management Office (PMO) and an opportunity to lead a large team of PMs. Then, during a mid-life crisis, I decided it was time to leave the corporate world and explore independent Project Management. It was on the cusp of Y2K and the demand for PMs was huge. So what could go wrong? More than I had ever imagined! But I survived that downturn by changing areas of expertise. I now get to preach what I practice as opposed to practice what I preach. By that I mean I’m still a practicing independent PM while providing training that ranges from working with a global leader in Project Management training, to lecturing at a major university, to providing one-on-one coaching. I also work with organizations that want to take advantage of my mistakes (the industry likes to call them “lessons learned”) to enhance their Project Management culture. It continues to be fun, but what’s next?

  • The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts about what I have done, both the good and the bad. Perhaps there will be some nuggets that readers can benefit from.
  • This blog speaks directly to my fellow PMPs. What’s next for you? You have a powerful accreditation, so what are you doing with it?
  • I want to connect with people who are thinking about becoming a certified PM but aren’t sure they are ready.
  • I’d like to make readers think about the value of personal development, be that training or other methods.
  • I want to inspire PMs to think about how they can use their skills for a greater good, such as being involved in the community.
  • I’ll point out how Project Management is everywhere. Did you see how much Project Management was in Breaking Bad?
  • I will make the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology digestible and discuss how it can work in your company (that one might take a few articles).
  • I’ll explain why my favorite word in the Project Management world is practical.

All that said, there is a problem. Most of those bullets started with “I,” but that’s not my style. Pontification is for people who don’t care what other people think. I’d rather hear from YOU. I suspect not every blog post will be warmly received. That’s okay. I welcome and even encourage some debate between readers and with me. Your feedback will direct what future articles contain. I may adjust to what you want; I may submit something else that pokes-the-bear.

Project Management doesn’t have to be boring and stuffy. Let’s explore some different subjects together. I’m ready to get started. Are you?

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