Utilizing Technology to Enable the Learner’s Success

UtilizingTechEnableLearnersSuccess494338371BlogTechnology is changing at an unprecedented rate, subsequently evolving the way we consume information. And with these changes, learners like you and me are rightfully demanding more from our online user experiences. Even within the past five years, features that once felt like a luxury, such as live chatting with the instructor, are now an expectation. Now we presume to see features like interactive peer-to-peer collaboration; engaging instruction and online white boards; hands-on, real world application; worry-free platform connection; and ease of navigation.

To meet demands, education providers are gifted to lead the charge — from adopting Learning Management Systems (LMS) to centralize training, to single-sign across different platforms, to interactive educational forums and peer-to-peer networking, to digital courseware loaded with features your hardback book could only imagine. Technology advancement has to be on the forefront of every learning company’s current and future strategies to stay relevant and engage learners.

As a learning provider and training evangelist, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of utilizing technology to enable our students’ success. Through a program we’ve coined MyGK, our learners are supported before, during and after their class. MyGK acts as a digital locker — like one you had in high school, but much cleaner — providing easy-to-find course information, digital books, hands-on labs, course history and even an online engagement forum, My Community. Technology like MyGK ensures that students receive their necessary course information when and where they need it.

We’ve noticed an increased demand and use for post-class continuous learning as well as tools to maximize training. Training shouldn’t be confined to a one-week session or end on the last day of class. Learners have options to make the most of their training; instead of consuming knowledge for just a short week, now it’s being extended to months. Learning options, like our Virtual Classroom Live and Virtual Classroom Fit, provide course recordings for six months after a class to give you the chance to refresh on the content and prepare for exams. Reviewing course content, exercises, instructor notes and quizzes after a class gives you the ability to create stronger connection points to the material, apply it in the workplace and ultimately, instills greater retention.

As technology progresses, expect your learning providers to be stewards of the technological evolution to enhance your training experience. Otherwise, you’ll find learning will become dated, stagnant and unappealing. With a quick Google search, you’ll find there are thousands of education paths at your disposal — I urge you to be picky, know your options and exhaust the technology tools available. Learn from the location that best suits your needs — whether that’s in the classroom or at your home — and with a powerful platform and the most advanced technology.

Want to see our technology in action — like enjoying all the perks of MyGK? Simply enroll in a course.

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