What’s New in IP Office Release 9.1 Web Manager?

Avaya-Phone-IP-Office-Web-Manager71044223BlogIP Office Web Manager is a browser-based management tool that runs on most standard browsers. Web Manager provides access to most, but not all, configuration settings. This release does have many more settings than earlier releases. It can be used to program both Server Edition (SE) and IP500V2 solutions.

Web Manager Capabilities

The Web Manager capabilities have increased with Release 9.1 enabling management of the following:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Directory
  • Extensions
  • Auto Attendant
  • Incoming Call Route
  • Alternate Route Selection
  • Time Profiles
  • Location
  • Short Codes

SE systems with a Select License can provision users by synchronizing with an LDAP database. End users can manage personal configuration settings using the Web Self Administration portal as this capability is enabled on a per-user basis.

Web Manager System and Solution Capabilities

Web Manager provides system and solution capabilities such as:

  • IP500V2 dashboard system display
  • SE solution level global object management
  • Consolidated management of all servers in the SE network
  • Voicemail Pro system preference management
  • Centralized backup, restore and upgrade
  • File management

A significant change with Release 9.1 is that when you first log into an IP Office with either Web Manager or IPO Manager, you must change the default passwords for Administrator, Security Administrator and System Accounts. This policy does not impact upgrades to the new release.

Web Manager User Interface

The appearance of the menu bar and the selections has been updated. The following can be accessed from the menu bar:


Primary, Secondary and Application Servers; one-X Portal; UCM, Contact Recorder

Call Management

Users, Extensions, Groups, Auto Attendant

System Settings

Short codes, ICR, Time Profiles, System Directory, Locations, SNMP, IP Route, Services, ARS

Security Manager

Service Users, Certificates


Synchronizing SE passwords, Launch IPO Manager, Voice Mail Pro System Preferences and Call Flow Management, one-X Portal, Web RTC Configuration, Web License Manager, File Manager


For detailed information, I recommend you download the document Administering Avaya IP Office Platform with Web Manager from Avaya.

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