Quick Look at VMware vSphere 6.0: Fault Tolerance

Quick-Look-at-VMware-vSphere-6dVMware recently released VMware vSphere 6.0 into the marketplace. The latest vSphere version is packed full of more than 650 technological breakthroughs! It’s more powerful, more flexible, more secure and more easily managed than ever before.  In this series, Global Knowledge instructor, Bill Ferguson will highlight several features that make VMware vSphere 6.0 a game changer.

Fault Tolerance (FT) is the capability to run the same VM on two different hosts at the same time so if one host fails the VM on the other host picks up without “missing a beat.” It assures that the two VMs are running lockstep to each other with usually less than a 20ms difference. It’s a fantastic concept for those VMs running applications that just cannot be allowed to go down.

Now it works on VMs with up to four vCPUs!



At my last three vmWorlds, there was a breakout session that was titled “Fault Tolerance for Multiple vCPU VMs.” The first year that I saw this I was so excited since FT has been kind of an “ironic” feature with only support for single vCPU VMs. It’s been ironic because although many VMs can have just one vCPU, it always seems like the ones that you want the FT on are the ones that perform best with two or even four vCPUs (e.g., SQL, Exchange, Java and so on). However, when I attended the sessions, they always mentioned that what they were demonstrating was not ready for the general public release. Well, now it’s finally out for us to use for our most critical applications. It will be interesting to see which applications will go on FT first.


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