How to Make Professional Training Fit into Your Schedule

FitSchedule57302795I have many memories of my mother sitting on her red kitchen stool talking on the phone, cutting up vegetables or washing the dishes. She loved that stool — it swiveled, had a padded seat and a sturdy back. Late last year the stool finally wore out and she was using a plain wooden stool instead. I jumped at the chance to buy her a new one; it would be the perfect gift!

After ordering a new stool online and having it shipped to my parents’ house; I visited them and they had it mostly put together. I found the stool in two major pieces. All we had to do was to connect the seat to the bottom of the stool. But when I screwed them together, I found that the stool was wobbly and unsteady; sitting on it was impossible.

It was time to bite the bullet and read the directions. We quickly figured out that we had mixed up the screws. All of the screws for the stool look very alike except for the length. The longer screws were supposed to hold the seat in place. After disassembling the stool, swapping the screws and reassembling — then alas, a stable seat. The stool was flawless.

Putting the stool together got me thinking about how complicated daily life can be. Just when you think you have everything arranged and in place, one seemingly small detail can throw off your whole schedule. Juggling many daily tasks and arranging schedules to fit everything in is sometimes impossible.

We have noticed this trend with learners too. Many students struggle with rearranging their schedule to attend training for a week. Often, many details have to align for them to be able to take a week away from their daily work. To make this easier, we offer some courses in a new delivery format, Virtual Classroom Fit.

Instead of blocking off an entire week to take a class, Virtual Classroom Fit will allow you to train for a few hours each week for a month.

Why is Virtual Classroom Fit a perfect solution for your busy life? It’s as easy as counting to five:



One expert instructor: Our courses are taught by engaging industry practitioners and consultants who bring real-world experience to the virtual classroom.




Twice a week course sessions: Your course will meet twice a week, either on a Monday/Wednesday or a Tuesday/Thursday.





Up to three hours in length: Shorter sessions with a variety of offerings in the morning, afternoon or evening hours.





Four-week time period: You will attend these short sessions for one month.





Equal to a standard five-day course: The content you cover is equal to the content covered in a standard one-week course.



As you are juggling your professional career, responsibilities at home and the resemblance of a personal life, remember to step back and count to five. Consider if Virtual Classroom Fit delivery format could work into your life.

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