Tech the Halls: Twelve Must-Have Gadgets for Your Favorite Techie this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season! The holidays are right around the corner, so now is a perfect time to show the technology lover in your life how much they mean to you. We gathered recommendations from our Global Knowledge tech enthusiasts to create the ultimate wish list, ranked accordingly:


12. Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect alarm

Eco-friendly and smart.
Starting at $249

Richard Cleveland, Worldwide Brand Manager
“Nearly everything from the Nest family of home-monitoring products has been on my tech list since last year — specifically, the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. These integrated devices control the temperature in your home and help save you money by adjusting the energy used when you are away. Together, they monitor the air for smoke and carbon monoxide, offer voice and gesture control, and send you updates if anything is out of the ordinary so you can take action immediately. Add in the newly integrated Nest Dropcam Pro, and you have a great suite of home protection gear that you can instantly access with your smart device. Now if they could just perfect the hoverboard.”

Marion Kennelly

11. FitBit Flex

Avoid the extra holiday pounds.
Starting at $100

Marion Kennelly, Delivery Manager
“The FitBit Flex should be No. 1 on everyone’s Christmas list. I like the fact that it is a smaller wristband and can blend in easily with whatever you wear, unlike other fitness monitors. The display shows you right away how you are tracking against your daily goal, and for additional data, you can access the FitBit app on your phone to review the entire dashboard (calories burned, steps taken, hours slept, etc.). When you reach your goal, your wristband will buzz and your phone will display a message. If you know someone who owns the FitBit Flex, you can engage in a friendly competition. This device will definitely push you to be more active.”

10. Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR Camera

For the (quality) photography obsessed.
Starting at $1,799 (body only)

Michele Bench, Senior Webmaster
“The top item on my Christmas wish list is the new Canon 7D Mark II DSLR. It can shoot an amazing 10 frames per second to capture even the fastest action. Dual card slots enable you to shoot both SD and Compact Flash, so no need to go out and replace all the memory cards you already own. ISO of 16000 plus 65-point auto focus make it perfect for low-light shooting. This is a pro-level camera at half the price of the 5D Mark III.”

Cassie Demeter

9. Beats by Dre Headphones

Jam. All day. Every day.
Starting at $170

Cassie Demeter, Product Marketing Specialist
“Look at these headphones I use now! Beats by Dre headphones are at the top of my wish list this Christmas. When I’m running at the gym, I want to look super fly. If I have these headphones on I will look like a real athlete — I may even run faster. Moreover, I like to smash up my exercising beats and these headphones will allow that. I can’t wait to transform my music into the perfect running masterpiece.”

8. GoPro HERO4

Document your skydiving, snowboarding and surfing trips.
Starting at $400

Michael Hammond, Microsoft Instructor
“GoPro has unveiled their latest extreme sports recording marvel: the GoPro HERO4. The GoPro HERO4 Silver ($400) sports new touch-screen controls – convenient when you’re avalanche cliff-jumping. The $500 GoPro HERO4 Black kicks up the existing 4K high-res recording capability to 30 frames per second (fps) from the earlier model’s 15 fps. And, it can do all that when you’re 30 meters underwater! If neither of those fits your budget, the entry-level GoPro – cheap at $130 – nonetheless records 30 fps at 1080p resolution when strapped to your skateboard. Now, to go with my GoPro HERO4, I only need one other thing: a more interesting life.”

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

7. Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Tried and true. And very new.
Starting at $299 with contract

John Dell’omo, Sr. Director of Software Development
“The No. 1 item on my Christmas list this year is the new iPhone 6 Plus. First, there is no way that I can allow my teenage kids to have cooler phones than me. Second, not only is it an awesome smartphone, but it has a 5.5-inch display for watching all my shows. No more competing with the wife and kids for the TV!”

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Family of the original phablets.
Starting at $299 with contract

Kelsey Garner, Customer Engagement Coordinator
“As a millennial in the market for a new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 tops my wish list this season! This powerful phablet is ideal for those who appreciate a device that can easily take your work on the road. The large screen and S pen increase productivity and efficiency, while the high-quality camera and fast processor make putting my Christmas dinner on Instagram a joyous occasion.”

JD Wegner

5. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker

The portable home theatre experience.
Starting at $170 for the Solo model

JD Wegner, Cisco Instructor
“Tech and music lovers rejoice for the must-have Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker! When I’m working on a project in my garage, I put on my favorite smooth jazz or classic rock (depends on my mood) right from my phone. My neighbor from across the street went right out and bought one after he found the amazing sound was coming from my SoundLink. One of the things I like about the Bose sound is its presence; you don’t have to make it loud in order to make it heard. This is a requirement for every holiday list!”

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The complete laptop experience, in tablet form.
Starting at $800

Tracy Wallace, Microsoft Instructor
“Nothing goes together better than Christmas and top-of-the-line computer devices. I am wishing hard for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. With an I5 processor, 256GB storage and 8GB RAM, this is truly a tablet that I can use as a laptop. Add the fact that this is actually getting good reviews and selling well, and it becomes pretty hard to resist. So now I just need my original Surface to meet with a timely ‘accident.’”

3. Amazon Fire TV

Adam Alderman

Snuggle up for 200,000 entertainment selections.
Starting at $99

Adam Alderman, E-Learning Developer
“Amazon continues to rank right up there with Google in terms of trailblazing, so it makes sense that Amazon Fire TV is one of the slickest, most user-friendly streaming boxes out right now. Not only does it arrive already synced to your account, but it does a phenomenal job of streaming HD content (and games!) with fantastic quality on even the lowest bandwidth tier of Internet service. We purchased one hoping to find an alternative to Big Cable, and we definitely found one. You can access programming through tons of free apps, as well as your typical subscription services like Netflix. If you are an Amazon Prime member (which is awesome in and of itself), then this service is even better. They’ve recently added cloud hosting so you can send content from your smartphone over to your Fire TV box. Also, if you’re tech savvy, there is an unofficial way to get under the hood and make the USB port useful for reading and storing offline content. All in all, Amazon Fire TV is a cheap, easy and trustworthy way to dive into streaming media.”

2. PlayStation 4

Entertainment for all.
Starting at $400

Hanna Gnann, Digital Marketing Manager
“According to my 13-year-old son who wants the latest technology, I’m way behind upgrading our PS3 to a PS4. He wants the PS4 for better graphics, to play the newest games and because it has an easier-to-use controller. Along with letting him play games online with his friends, we also use the PlayStation for streaming Netflix and watching Blu-ray movies. Sony has been a reliable pick as our gaming system over the years, and with the PS4, it earns its place in our entertainment center again this year.”

Chris Barefoot

1. Apple iPad Air 2

The world’s favorite tablet.
Starting at $500

Chris Barefoot, Sr. Director of Operations
“The iPad Air 2 is the perfect gift because:

  • It is far too cold outside to play, so I need something that I can do while I sit inside near the fire.
  • The birds can’t defeat the pigs alone — they need my help.
  • My clan needs help to win league battles.
  • The Game of Thrones book series is way too big to carry around in printed version.
  • My two kids have hijacked my older iPad.”



Hoping your special someone will treat you to one of these items on our ultimate wish list? Share your favorites and #TechtheHalls to ensure your techie holiday dreams come true. If your top gift request didn’t make the list, share your suggestions by commenting below or using the hashtag #TechtheHalls with @GlobalKnowledge tagged.


Hi @Santa I’d really like the new #MicrosoftSurfacePro3 or anything on the @GlobalKnowledge #TechtheHalls list


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  1. David Reply

    I would take the Surface Pro 3 over the iPad air anyday!

  2. Rick Reply

    I have the Bose Soundlink (pictured) and the the Bose Soundlink Mini. The mini is 100x better. It seperates from a docking station for charging and sounds great!

  3. Brian Reply

    Beats by Dre Headphones are a nice fashion accessory, but they are lousy headphones.
    You can get far better sound quality for less money.

  4. Ben Reply

    I would prefer the Archt One over Bose Soundlink anytime…

  5. Timelord Reply

    What I’d like as a real techie ?

    A decent 3-D printer…

    That would be something awesome..

    Then I’d make the gadgets all by myself. 😛

  6. Rocco Rizzo Reply

    I wonder why I do not desire any of these things?
    Maybe if there was a pair of Grado headphones, or a beer delivery robot, but nothing here tickles my fancy at all.

  7. WS Reply

    Most of these are over-priced, under-performing items that wantabe techies would want as bragging items rather than gadgets real techies want and use…..

  8. Gabriel Reply

    Surface 3 is awesome!!! must get accessories for Christmas…

  9. Bry Reply

    Is it bad that my boyfriend has almost all of these already?