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411SecurityExam125560782Whether you are considering renewing your CompTIA Security+ certification or are contemplating a journey to acquiring a CompTIA Security+ certification, the latest exam (SY0-401) is available with expanded SY0-301 exam objectives. CompTIA released the latest version and update to the Security+ exam in May 2014, which was intended to replace the SY0-301 exam (released in 2011 and available until December 31, 2014).

What Changed from SY0-301 to SY0-401?

The Security+ SY0-401 exam expands on the SY0-301 exam objectives to include current technologies and security concerns such as risks associated with system integration, new emphasis on mobile security and BYOD, and mitigating risk in environments such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and Android/iOS.

Security+ Objective Domains
The six domains still remain but the percentage of that domain covered in the exam has changed slightly. That isn’t to suggest that you should study more for the Network Security portion over the Cryptography portion. All exam questions are randomly pulled from each domain.

  • Network Security: 20%
  • Compliance and Operational Security: 18%
  • Threats and Vulnerabilities: 20%
  • Application, Data and Host Security: 15%
  • Access Control and Identity Management: 15%
  • Cryptography: 12%

Security+ Exam Details

  • Exam Requirements: One certification exam
  • Exam Numbers: SY0-401 (professional)
  • Exam Format: Performance-based and multiple choice, 90 minutes, 90 questions maximum (reduced from 100 questions maximum on the SY0-301 exam)
  • Recommended Experience: Network+ certification, two years of experience in technical networking with emphasis on security

Why Security+ Certification?
Security is a hot topic and appears in the headlines daily. There is a critical need for more qualified security professionals in the industry. The Department of Defense published a mandate, 8570.1, that all administrators must have at least a Security+ certification. Just to get your foot in the door for an IT contract, the Security+ certification is required.
The CompTIA Security+ certification is a foundational-level, vendor-neutral security certification that validates your competencies and knowledge in network security, compliance and operational security, threats and vulnerabilities, application, data and host security, access control and identity management and cryptography.

Certification Renewal
If you took and passed the Security+ certification on or before December 31, 2010, then you are certified for life. If you were certified after December 31, 2010, the certification is only good for three years from the date you first became certified.

What Can Global Knowledge Do for You?
Check out our collection of cybersecurity training courses as well as the courses below for your Security+ exam preparation.
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Security+ Prep Course (SY0-401)
Security+ Certification Boot Camp (SY0-301)
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