How to Leverage the Top Seven Conference Tracks from IBM Enterprise


As conference season winds down and the holidays approach, I can hardly believe it’s already been over a month since IBM Enterprise. As we move into the home stretch of 2014, what are you concerned with?

Most of us are looking to meet deadlines and worrying about personal holiday arrangements, but what about a post-conference plan? After a particularly enlightening conversation with a fellow IBM Enterprise attendee, it seems there are a number of individuals out there who are indeed concerned with a follow-up plan for Enterprise. We discussed the videos available on the Enterprise landing page, which we were both aware of (there are replay videos from the conference as well as a few supplementary videos they’ve provided here). However, he was unaware of the training pathways and courses that IBM has mapped to the conference tracks available at Enterprise.

Whether you were in Power Systems University or System Z Technical University, you had your pick from a number of tracks that developed across various sessions and labs. The tracks included: Application Infrastructure and Development, Cloud and Virtualization, Mobile Computing and Social Business, Storage and Networking, Performance, Servers and Security. Each of these tracks have corresponding courses that IBM has designed to supplement and leverage learning at the conference. All of these tracks and their respective training pathways are listed below with the IBM course code and the hyperlinked course title.

Happy Learning!

Application Infrastructure and Development
OL49G: IBM i Application Programming Facilities Workshop

OD47G: IBM i DB2 and SQL School

Cloud and Virtualization
AN30G: Power Systems for AIX – Virtualization I: Implementing Virtualization

AN31G: Power Systems for AIX – Virtualization II: Advanced PowerVM and Performance

AS5EG: PowerVM on IBM i – I: Implementing Virtualization and LPAR

AS5FG: PowerVM on IBM i – II: Advanced Topics and Performance

1SP0G: Implementing Power Infrastructure for Cloud

1SP4G: Cloud Administration on Power Systems

ZL00G: zVM and zLinux Bootcamp

ZV02G: z/VM Introduction and Concepts

Mobile Computing and Social Business
ES19G: Basics of z/OS RACF Administration

ES66G: Advanced z/OS Security: Crypto, Network, RACF and Your Enterprise

ES88G: Exploiting the Advanced Features of RACF

Storage and Networking
AN21G: TCPIP for AIX Administrators

AN22G: AIX Network Installation Manager (NIM): Concepts and Configuration

AS18G: Enabling IBM i Version 7 TCP/IP Security

NGT21: IBM Flex System X-Architecture Compute Nodes

AN51G: Power Systems for AIX IV: Performance Management

AN52G: Advanced Tools for AIX Performance Analysis

OL23G: System i Structure, Tailoring and Basic Tuning

OL66G: Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning for IBM i

ES42G: Parallel Sysplex Implementation Workshop

ES73G: IBM System z Parallel Sysplex Operations

ES85G: Advanced z/OS Performance: WLM, Sysplex, Unix Services, and Web

ES90G: Advanced Parallel Sysplex Operations and Recovery

AN05G: POWER8 Systems and AIX Enhancements

AN08G: Power Systems and AIX Differences Workshop

OS19G: What’s new in IBM i V7R2 and POWER8 systems

ESA0G: IBM zEnterprise System: A technical introduction

ESA1G: IBM zEnterprise System: Using zManager to Provision Virtual Servers

ESA2G: IBM zEnterprise: Unified Resource Manager Workload and Performance Management

AN57G: Implementing AIX Security Features

AN21G: TCPIP for AIX Administrators

AS18G: Enabling IBM i Version 7 TCP/IP Security

SZ81G: z/OS Security Server RACF, Implementing and Customization

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