Avaya Credential Manager Simplified

Need a little help navigating Avaya’s new and improved (as of April 2014) Avaya Credential Manager website? You got it.

Go to avaya-learning.com and create an account or sign in with your existing account. Select Avaya Learning and Certification, then select Credential Program and then select Credential Management. You will see the screen below that gives you a link to Avaya’s new website Avaya Credential Manager or https://i7lp.integral7.com/avaya.



Once you select the Avaya Credential Manager or https://i7lp.integral7.com/avaya link, you will need to login to the screen below.



Now you have the opportunity to select Certification Progress from the menu on left of page below.



You can select “Publish Credentials” from the menu on left to email your certification transcript with a personal message as seen below.


There you have it! Remember to always check avaya​-learning​.com for the latest updated information.

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