Technical Certification + ITIL Foundation = Higher Salary

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  1. Arthur Mailloux Reply

    please send info on Security + ITIL cerification courses.

  2. Padmini Reply

    Is there data to show if there are benefits to adding ITIL Foundation to PMP Certification?

    1. Leah Kirby Reply

      Hi Padmini. I posed your question to our senior market research manager (the primary researcher behind the Global Knowledge IT Skills & Salary Report).

      He said:
      The short story is there is a positive bump in salary when comparing those with a PMP to those with a PMP and ITIL Foundation certification.

      PMP (w/o ITIL) – $106,030 (N = 305)
      PMP + ITIL Foundation – $113,150 (N = 130)

      Difference of $7,120 or 6.7%

      When looking at these results, we can say there is a greater average salary for those with both a PMP and an ITIL Foundation certification compared to a PMP and no ITIL. However, since we do not specify which came first (ITIL or PMP), it is not possible to say that adding an ITIL to an existing PMP causes the difference.

  3. Padmini Reply

    Thanks Leah!
    So, as a general practice, is an ITIL Certification obtained before a PMP certification? I am wondering what kind of value addition ITIL Foundation will provide to someone who is already PMP certified.
    thanks, Padmini.

    1. Leah Kirby Reply

      Padmini, based on what we see here, whether you pursue both and which certification you pursue first depends on your role and your needs. As for the value of adding an ITIL cert to a PMP, if you’re a PMP working in IT, ITIL can help you ensure that IT services are aligned with your organization’s business goals. To get an idea of what ITIL can do for your organization, you can check out ITIL Foundation.

  4. Gordon Butikofer Reply

    hi, wondering if this will assist me i have no certs as i am only one person and do not have the financial ability to pay for the courses. but i have taught myself many things but in order to be employable it seems in need some type of cert. please forward any suggestions.

  5. Nick Brooks Reply

    I have been working in a new office and the company has started looking at community best practices. I understand the importance of possessing this knowledge for the benefit of the organization. I am wondering if you could tell me the average salary/benefits of someone that possesses a PMP, CISSP, CCNA, and is working to earn ITIL Intermediate/Expert Certification? Thank you.

    1. John Mark Ivey Reply

      Thanks for your question Nick. The average salary/benefits of survey respondents who have a PMP, CISSP, and CCNA and are working to earn ITIL Intermediate/Expert certification is between $97,500 to $110,000. Good luck in the new job!