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CCNAMainQOWYou have issued the show ip route command. According to the routing table entry below, which of the following are used by default in the calculation of the number 143109? (Choose two.)

D [90/143109] via, 00:00:55, Ethernet 1/0

B. Metric
C. Bandwidth
D. Administrative distance
E. Hop count
F. Delay


Answer: C and F.

The letter “D” in the far left column of the routing table entry indicates that this route is learned through Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP). EIGRP uses a composite metric for determining best path. The components of the composite metric could be Bandwidth, Delay, Reliability and Load, with MTU as a tie breaker. However, by default, only Bandwidth and Delay are used to calculate the EIGRP metric.


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